Flawless Friday; as easy as 1-2-G!

Flawless Friday it’s as easy as 1-2-G for GLOW gorgeous skin

Rating ; G stands for GLOW : glow getter, look BETTER. Friday’s top pre-weekend tip is a light dusting of my favourite super-fine ‘finishing powder’ from those clever folks at bareminerals.

Inside scoop ; Finishing powder might sound like one of those REALLY, come on REALLY do I need it type products.  Well I guess it depends….shiny slippy off make-up your thing?  Nasty craggy collecty-in-the-creases foundation your go-to look.  Ah ok NO, then YUP, it’s handy stuff and pretty much the staple insider beauty trick for any MUA worth her brushes!

So glowing skin at any age as is as easy as brush – swish – finish ; READ MORE  >>>

Fairy dust
Kind of like Fairy dust for your skin! I kid you not

Oh so here’s the scoop : this must-have powder comes in various shades, various finishes. The essence is that it’s feather light – makes your skin bright unlike traditional powders. Oh I’m hating it already –  NOT. Mineral veil powder is just one of those once tried always buy ones, you’ll end up with 3 or 4.  It’s a VERY different concept to face powder all dusty up your nosey euwww puffed up everywherey.



The bare minerals pots are teeny and portable [and have a lock so you don’t lose it all in between uses : important] I literally need ONE application, with a good soft brush AM and I’m ready to rock til PM, or on a Friday possibly a little later…

ADDED BONUS (well one of them) it glides on , sets make up on your face (NOT in your wrinkles) and lifts illuminates and kind of contours…still hating it? Yes I can tell, ok hang on, before you rush out not all illuminators are equal there are over glittery ones, ones which make you look shiny (not glowy) : so I’d start with this one for Flawless Friday in a flash.

Talking of flash if you want super-dooper-super-model skin try my other top tip : flash flash 100 yard dash below ; this one is a tough cookie of a product which goes under your foundation that smooths the most stubborn let’s call it’ ‘expression lines’ I call it end of a LONG week stressed out pretty frankly exhausted shows on my face-ness….

Combine the 2, chuck under the perfect foundation base and boom boom BOOM you’re not only good to go you’re good to GLOW.

FLASH Flash 100% yard dash; Saturday night fixer

They say : know that airbrushed perfection that’s in all the magazines? We’ve got the same soft-focus finish right here in a jar. bareMinerals® Illuminating Mineral Veil® finishing powder gives you a pearly, ethereal glow that reflects light for a photo-fabulous look. And like our original Mineral Veil® finishing powder, it’s the flawless finishing touch to any makeup routine.

Benefits of bareMinerals® Illuminating Mineral Veil:
– Gives your skin a soft, airbrushed quality.
– Is entirely translucent, allowing for a natural look.
– Keeps your skin clear of preservatives, waxes, talc, and binders.
– Minimises pores and fine lines for a youthful complexion.
– Absorbs oils to keep your skin looking fresh and clean.
– Prolongs wear of bareMinerals® SPF 15 Foundation, Lipcolor, and Eyecolor.
– Can also be worn on bare skin for a fresh, feather-light finish.
– Works beautifully for all skin tones and types.


Tam’s tip : there really are literally loads of these around but I’ve tried them  all – well definitely a lot of them – on our behalf, trust me I don’t think this one will disappoint. Heck if it does send it my way I’ll use it.  My colour of choice is the Flawless Radiance as it has a sort of gold-y sort of fairy dusty, not over glittery finish/colour and I must say I look just ‘cuter’ and less well how I feel (which right now is indeed Friday weary, rather Kna****ed and ready for a weekend!).  Hope it works for you as it does for me , Happy Friday.

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Let me know what’s you think of this one & do leave me a comment.  

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