Slumber Sunday…why not Kiss the Moon

If you’ve had a packed weekend then here’s a Sunday tip you need that is out of this world ; well to the moon to be precise…

Rating ; Slumber, sleepy, sound, sensory, snoozing, simply, special SLEEP…that’s what this gorgeous range promises AND delivers.  Unassumingly signed off ‘sleep beautifully’ on all their products you will and they can help.

Inside scoop ; It is said a good night’s sleep is the cure for all ills and the perfect set up for the week, well it doesn’t get ‘good-er’ than this delightfully British Range of sleep-inducing, sleep-encouraging, sleep-making products.  

They call it Kiss the Moon;  I call it sleep in a bottle, a candle, an oil, a balm…


So whether you’re just waking up, or elsewhere in the world and nodding off, grab a comfy seat and read on. I’ve wanted to do a PROPER sleep review for a while now but have been waiting for the right product to lull-a-by me into their clutches and this is THE one I don’t think you’ll EVER have to look for another sleep remedy again.

Let’s start with a list of loves;

** First :  Love the name ** KISS THE MOON that’s it really isn’t it, that’s what we want soulful dreamy filled happy sleep to take you to the moon and back, but what else do I love?

  • Love the packaging
  • Love that it’s British and MADE In England ; go KTM!
  • Love the people
  • Love their philosophy
  • Love the ingredients
  • Love the naturalness
  • Love it is NOT over priced
  • Love the mission single minded ; sleep beautifully.

Ok you get it I started with some love, but why, well just there is a lot to love about a good night’s sleep isn’t there.  Sleep is well documented as a bit of a healer both of mind and body and I’ve had some ups and downs recently meaning I DEPEND on a good night’s sleep.  To make sure I can get through the day.

Sleep is a funny old thing, personal to everyone, 8 hours for me = zen like happy heaven day, for others less so, but the important KEY to a ‘GNS’ is starting off RIGHT.  And Kiss they Moon’s range has EVERYTHING you need for that and probably rather a lot more which is unfortunate for my wallet. All their products are full of natural oils.  And their product shots on their website pretty much inspire me to a better bedside table too!

Pick and choose;

  • Restful doze in the afternoon; light a KTM candle [they burn sooo well]
  • Pre bed ; bath soak in KTM bath salts
  • Gentle foot/hand massage from George Clooney (oh ok that’s once I’m asleep am dreaming!!!) then try their sleep hand cream
  • Temples pounding with work still – a. Put a pen and paper by your bed it HELPS to write it down then forget it but  then b. Massage in some of their night balm

Everything in the range smells sleepy scented drift off-able. I’ve been using their bath salts as I read somewhere a bath in salt draws out toxins and helps you sleep better, actually my mum told me and a friend of hers told her, long story ; but tried it and it works. I can’t wait to try more of their range (they also do CALM GLOW AND LOVE products; so that’s my Xmas wish list sorted HINT HINT HINT mum or kind friends!).

They say ; Kiss the Moon – a range of 100% natural beauty oils that help prepare you for a good night’s rest and nourish your skin and your soul while you sleep.

Available to buy direct from them ;

The range does feature lavender – bier sur – it’s the go to sleep inducing ingredient but also sooo many more gorgeous herbal essences.



Tam’s Tip; Sleep is also of course not just about the right products but the right state of mind, so grab a herbal tea, a good book, a meditation app (like ‘Calm’) or whatever it is that helps you chill (your favourite man perhaps!) add some KISS THE MOON and I think you’ll be good to go ; sleep beautifully…

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Not forgetting team it all with a good old Cuppa! It’s T time – Treat Try Tummy Tea TODAY!

Let me know what’s you think of this one & do leave me a comment.  

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THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question I’d love to hear your feedback.

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