Wicked Wednesday ; Unicorn Make-up your beauty ESSENTIAL??!

Wicked Wednesday Went Wild : WITH…Unicorn glitter, just because you can.

Rating ; Flippant Flirty Fun & absolutely Frivolous. Don’t read on if you’re easily DAZZLED and WARNING you definitely do NOT need this product. ย But – sometimes especially on a grey wet Wednesday just say ‘whatever’ and grab some. ย  Festival season isn’t over yet so go on its wild Wednesday.ย 

Inside scoop ; Unicorn Glitter bring it ON. ย Ok it’s Wednesday, you’re probably in a serious meeting, or bored, or grumpy, or just wishing for the weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ to hurry on up, then along came UNICORN GLITTER. ย Wrong, OTT, sparkling magic dust ; ย just for the sheer heck of it : Unicorn glitter. YES!

Can’t say you need it, nor will you wear it everyday, but whilst Festival Season is still just about in swing then I say rock on, glitter up and work it.

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