Wicked Wednesday ; Unicorn Make-up your beauty ESSENTIAL??!

Wicked Wednesday Went Wild : WITH…Unicorn glitter, just because you can.

Rating ; Flippant Flirty Fun & absolutely Frivolous. Don’t read on if you’re easily DAZZLED and WARNING you definitely do NOT need this product.  But – sometimes especially on a grey wet Wednesday just say ‘whatever’ and grab some.   Festival season isn’t over yet so go on its wild Wednesday. 

Inside scoop ; Unicorn Glitter bring it ON.  Ok it’s Wednesday, you’re probably in a serious meeting, or bored, or grumpy, or just wishing for the weekend 🙂 to hurry on up, then along came UNICORN GLITTER.  Wrong, OTT, sparkling magic dust ;  just for the sheer heck of it : Unicorn glitter. YES!

Can’t say you need it, nor will you wear it everyday, but whilst Festival Season is still just about in swing then I say rock on, glitter up and work it.

Personally – though MANY will tell me ah-hem ‘Mutton’ – I think you can work a little Unicorn glitter at any age, if only on tops of arms, possibly décolletage or full on around eyes.  I’m a human magpie, the ‘glitteryier’ (is that word) the better, so the more the better for me, but I do realise sometimes less is more.  Well I try to tell myself, whether I listen to it or not, is a whole other story!

Anyway, because it’s Wednesday, because I’m feeling wicked, today is all about flirty glitter!  Somebody stop me :O!



I guess it was really only a matter of time before I did a glitter review and I imagine it won’t be the last by any means, for those who know me.  So whilst not strictly skincare, most certainly beauty and definitely a mid week cheer up – even if you only browse their DAZZLING array of available colours.

I guess I COULD pretend that I’m researching and reviewing this for my young daughter for use in shows and dance…sure maybe…but really they’re for me me MEEEE.

Glitter isn’t as I say for everyone, but trust me even sprinkled on the odd exposed cold shoulder with your latest top, it will just somehow make you smile.

Available in literally a butterfly like array of colours, there’s a colour and brilliant names to suit all; don’t fancy being a Unicorn that’s ok they’ll help you be a Rockstar, a Mermaid and a few other sparkling beings in between :)!

They say; ✮ KARIZMA cosmetic glitters are your secret formula to release your superstar glow. Dance, laugh, love and shine your inner light. Inspired by working closely with celebrities and music artists on tours, magazine photoshoots and music videos.
✮ SILVER HOLOGRAPHIC is a spectrum of crystallised rainbow silver stars, full moons, speckles, hexagons and dust. Our glitters are made with high intensity pigment and holographic shine. You will receive a 10ml pot with 5g of cosmetic glitter.
✮ STYLING: Wear these as an eyeliner in the evening, under your eyes at festivals, sprinkled onto wet nails and in your hair braids for summer pool parties. Apply using a multi purpose balm for a an easy and comfortable application.

Rockstar, rock chick, rock it with this chunky gold glitter

Tam’s Tip; don’t scrimp on the brand there are MANY glitter brands but to avoid looking super-tacky and it dropping all over your outfit / down your face make sure you a. buy a good brand like Karizma’s range and b. apply it with a little fixing gel.

So if you’ve got a special night out / girl’s night out or just girls night in, go large go glitter…my 2 hot colours for Autumn will be vamp (try a tiny amount on lips!) and Backstage team with Autumns latest jackets.

Autumn’s HOT colour

Check out their full dazzling range here also available on amazon UK too:  https://www.karizma.london/products/mermaid-chunky-glitter 

Let me know what’s you think of this one & do leave me a comment.  Why not team your glitter with :

Friday Feathery Fabulous for gorgeous festival ready earrings.

Benefit’s a Brow-mance made in heaven the perfect brows to frame your face.

Wicked Wednesday; from blushing bride ; to smokin’ siren at the flick of a blush! subtle to smokin blush to match your look.

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THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question I’d love to hear your feedback.

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