Wicked Wednesday; from blushing bride ; to smokin’ siren at the flick of a blush!

Blush alert Wicked Wednesday from blushing bride to smokin’siren at the flick of blush!

Rating ; Flush of youth vs brazen blush you’ve got it all here at the stroke of a brush. My hump day Top product (erm never really understood that term huh?!?) Or actually 10-for-1 product of the day is this colour-tastic handy palette of super-fine blush colours.

Inside scoop;  Sexy, sultry, sober, blushing, bronzing, beautiful . That pretty much covers about just 50% of the looks you can get from this ONE palette.

IMG_0014  IMG_0016

But this one vs. erm the ‘000’s of palettes out there – why?  Ok honest confession cost, portability and range of cheek staining looks and bang on trend colours is why.  I’m not overly for the ‘nude look’ l’m a little more of a statement girl when it comes to blusher so for me this is rainbow heaven.  Feeling blue slap on some vamp pink, feeling Minxy go all oh-so-coy with the swipe of peach.  Need a little “promise I’m so not actually hung over today boss” , slick on a hint of bronze.


And there you have it, sun up to sundown, sunset to a sundowner you’ve got a whole holiday/week’s worth of looks in one flat as a handbag palette.  I’m trying to think what I DON’T like about this…digging deep here, oh yup ok no free brush – but who ever even likes the free brushes, nothing like your own.

So voila Wednesday’s beauty STEAL is a versatile, portable and mildly chameleon and addictive palette of pro-blush.  I guess pro-because so many looks you can create.

Where did I find it ; oh yes or should that be YES!!!! Foraged in TK Maxx (my go to for low-cost try something new beauty & big name brands) and there she was hidden behind a bunch of overpriced Estée Lauder.  Boom.  Only downside I didn’t buy TWO.  I’ll be back TK you beauty-teaser you.

Meantime if you’re not convinced here’s all the MUA (oh just learned that term I guess I’m a little old school right) top pro tips ; so the palette is highly pigmented TICK, blendable TICK, micro-fine TICK, subtle and bold colours TICK , soft powder which has staying power TICK, easy to mix colours TICK, costs over £100 NOPE less than £10 ; buy buy buy I say but get in lines behind me folks…oh and did I mention they do eye palettes and soooo much more.


Cheer up it might be mid-week but a. this one costs than £10 for hundreds of new looks (and plenty of compliments) and b. its now fewer days to go to the Public Holiday on Monday for those in the UK. Hump be gone – colour me beautfiul.

Tam’s tip – brush blush that is all.  Use a fab brush – go subtle build it up – easy to layer on hard to take off Clownface be gone – so just remember subtle blush takes years off you or on you – depending on your aim.  Blush is a girls number 1 weapon of choice ; to say oh I’m feeling cheeky vs dressed up vs sad : you make the look your face tells your story.


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THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question / tell me your experience with this product I’d love to hear your feedback.

Author: tamaraobrien1840

Technology Marketing Director by day, ex-beauty industry insider, creator of my own line of skincare & make-up, kept my passion for all things make-up, skincare, fragrance, hair are, body care. In fact anything which can help us all look or feel better and make the best of ourselves. Lots to share, I've made products, I know the good from the bad, I'm also an ex journalist so I hope my little blog might help others find their way through the beauty jungle, not waste too much money & discover some great new products. Thanks for reading & engaging with me.

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