Flawless Friday; Beauty & the Base Part 2

Ace the base take 2 with a Flawless Friday Foundation Find ; or FFFF this one’s good!

Rating ; Full cover or take cover; reveal or conceal; great looking skin always starts with the base ingredients, rather like making a cake!  Get the first part right, the rest falls into place. Right now my first step of choice is a face-loving base I’ve discovered from the clever folks @Image Skincare.  I toy with many foundations and in fact sometimes mix them.

Inside scoop; They call it I-Conceal Flawless Foundation actually for me the reverse – it reveals doesn’t conceal wrong description guys it SO does the opposite – sorry for the constructive feedback – but seriously it illuminates in a great way and some how brings out my skin. Light-weight but great coverage for a refreshing dewy finish.  In fact, my mum actually said you look ‘better’ today,not sure exactly what she meant but ( fist pump & ‘yeah’ from me ) always take that as a really good sign! I said nothing different, she said oh no there is…so there you go imagine its potential effect on Guys!!!


Foundation’s a tricky personal one and like with guys or even husbands I guess, sometimes you just need to try on a few for size before you find the perfect match…!!

This range is a bit like David to the beauty industry’s Goliath and they’re giving it a go in the science meets professional results space across lots of areas.  They’ve some rather impressive looking lifts in a bottle (surely worth a try) and some skin loving inner beauty  products too. So I imagine my foundation foray won’t be my first or last product I try from them for sure.

They say ; suitable for all skin types, pigmentation, redness and rosacea, acne and acne scarring, post cosmetic injections, bruising and scarring, post-treatment, post-laser, post-surgery.

Tam’s tip; nice mid-range coverage, glides on and somehow ‘sets’ yet still looks fresh and somehow cheekily illuminates. I like a light powder on top for all day wear but what I like the MOST about this foundation vs SO many others is NO WASTE….that counts.  Top twists up and you see what you use, as you use it.  None of this faffy turning it upside to get the last drop out.  I’m using ‘beige’ as I like a yellow tone.

So maybe not your cheapest foundation around but you will use it all, you can mix it and it doesn’t give you any pore clogging nasty tell tale tango face lines.  You know, the moment you look in the mirror – worse hours after you actually LEFT home – and ahhhhh ‘darn’ read grrrrrrr you’ve not just forgotten to blend, you look like you dipped your face in colour and left a large white halo on your neck : bad bad bad foundation fail alert.  AND if you see me do remind of this post as I’m definitely guilty of that one sometimes.

GOTCHA : beware the foundation line blend fail

Friday top 3 adds on ;

DONE Friday just got REALLY flawless eyes tick, face tick, blush tick, lips tick…now all you need is the perfect date night….any suggestions for me?

Let me know what’s you think of this one & do leave me a comment.


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THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question I’d love to hear your feedback.

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