V : for very, Very, VERY lovely : not ME for sure, the DRESS, oh the dress….

V for V V V VERY lovely dress alert from … easy … very.co.uk

Rating; I don’t really do ‘fashion’ per se, in fact my mum often says I’ve the style sense of a small squirrel, maybe not fair she doesn’t exactly say that, but she does say I have a ‘particular look’ not sure it’s properly a compliment!  But heck this time even she LOVED this dress and so do I…hurry hurry before it’s gone if you like it.

Inside scoop;  Of course fashion’s a very personal thing, one girls super chic is another girls ‘OMG-so no-eek’.  But I did feel I needed to share this very Very VERY nice dress from….erm can you guess Very!  What’s more it’s my first EVER purchase from them. Pretty sure it won’t be my last…

I don’t normally use pics of myself either, but I just love this dress and felt better than I’d felt in ages in it, so here you go :).

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I first saw this in Vogue – yes Vogue, then in Sunday Times Style Mag and thought okey dokey well that’s bound to be £’000’s then, but not, au contraire my fellow fashion hunters it is < less than £100 especially if a. you live in Guernsey like me and they take VAT off and b. It’s your first order you get 20% ish discount so it’s actually < than £70. I say that because trust me it looks like sooooooo many more £££’s and it turns heads :).


It’s the kind of dress that wears you, but in a good way.  Sure I’d rather not see 56 other ladies in it – but actually I wouldn’t mind as it’s a make me happy as it is a smile when I wear it dress.

I’m not sure how many times can I wear it before I’m bored of it.  For now it’s colourful, floaty, slightly risqué, but also comfy, black but with colour…long, not too long, soft but not cheap : etc etc : I’m guessing you can tell I kinda like it!!!

They say : V by Very Embroidered Maxi Dress

This ethereal embroidered maxi from V by Very is a truly mesmerising piece. Tapping into this season’s floral folklore story, the black floor-sweeping frock is layered in lush mesh with dobby spots, ladder detailing and brightly-coloured floral needlework. The fitted bodice is adorned with a deep V-neckline and on-trend choker, while the sheer sleeves and flared skirt bring whimsical charm to the look.

Tam’s Tip : I say easy to wear, easy to accessorize, hides a MULTITUDE of ANYTHING underneath, no Spanx required. No tights or even underwear required if you’re feeling cheeky or lazy.  Its long, floaty, tummy skimming, AND comfy yet elegant, beautifully made AND beautifully cut….erm downside…can I wear it to the gym??? Possibly a little OTT for gym ; but only just!

Try it with : Think local : buy local TAKE 2 Feathery Fabulous

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THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question / tell me your experience with this product or others, I’d love to hear your feedback.

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