Friday Rant alert : Johnson’s – Ear buds – I know but REALLY

Environment WIN, product FAIL

Rating; annoyed, annoying, angry…and that’s just me.  If you don’t use ear buds switch off now, if you don’t but do like a good old rant for fun then, read on!

Inside scoop;  I’m a mum, I’m a woman, I wear make-up that means collectively I’ve 20+ years experience of using cotton wool buds which makes me fully fully qualified to tell Johnson & Johnson they are MISTAKEN in their ear bud re-design.  Read on before you judge me ;)!

Before & after : just saying…

Cotton buds made by Johnson & Johnson will no longer have plastic stems, following a campaign to banish plastic from the sea. Stock image

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It’s ok I get it, I support it and I am VERY pro environment but I just think they need to have worked on their prototype more…what am I on about???

Johnson’s EAR BUD re-design of course…now may seem a trivial rant for a Friday but bear with me…Johnson’s – had you not noticed – have ditched their trademark plastic ‘barrell’ which held their OH so many uses ear buds in place for decades.

BIG WIN for the enivornment and I wholehearted support it BUUUUUT big #fail for the product developers who bunged out said new design without proper testing!

They bend within one second’s touching them making them not just useless and not fit for purpose but weirdly bent odd shaped little weapons of mass destruction!!! Which end up going into all the places ear buds were never meant to go.  Wrong parts of your ear, into your eye ball instead of whipping eye make up off.  Goodness knows how they’ll work on children’s bottoms does not bear thinking about.

Read the news : YES we ALL must agree with DITCHING the plastic TICK TICK TICK but that does not mean not properly developing a sustainable YET also useable alternative.

So that is all Johnson’s big product FAIL .  For more Product fails :

Image result for new johnsons ear buds are rubbish

They say : Group Marketing Manager, “We recognise that our products have an environmental footprint, and that’s why we’re working hard to continually improve and champion best practice in sustainability, in line with our company’s founding principles.”

I say : YES YES and brilliant and well done genuinely – but – also as ever take your time then to ensure that the acceptable alternative does actually work else in fact you’re just creating more waste!!!


Ok that’s Friday’s rant over….and I’m not sure anyone else will even get it (unless they use a lotta ear buds like me) so hey ‘just saying’!  Small thing but grrrrrr.

Image result for just sayingImage result for just saying

See next post for far more shiny beautiful things worth talking about…but sometimes you just gotta say it how it is!

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THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question / tell me your experience with this product or others, I’d love to hear your feedback.

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