There’s no place like home Dorothy: park that stay in the EMERALD CITY…

Eyes to go with Cargo : Limited Edition Lovely-ness ALERT HOT EYES start here

Rating ; Dorothy maybe said there’s no place like home in the Wizard of Oz; but I say click your heels and STAY in the Emerald City any day with Cargo’s EYE-POPPING Limited Edition Palette of lovely-ness!

Inside scoop; found this in TK Maxx (yup AGAIN a TK Maxx haul) and couldn’t believe the price or the dazzling colours. Cargo are my go – to eye brand and I just can’t stop buying their palettes, fine powders, last all day NO creasing, blend / change / shade / contour / highlight ; that’s less than a penny a look!!!



I did a review on these a while ago as a brand and I’m still eye-poppingly in lust with their eye palettes.

Emerald City palette

Not only amazing value but what I like to call a ‘Martini’ eye palette ; literally anytime-anyplace-anywhere there’s colour to suit. Cracking names too I’m currently loving The Hill and Fremont is stunning too ;  it’s like beauty flash balm for eyes.  Blingy metallicy green to nude blendy-gorgeousness. [do I sound like I like them just a little bit…! Yup!].

Well I do and I just love to recommend & share something when it’s that good & such awesome value too!  Hunt your local TK or try online they often have them, but think this one will sell faster than you can say ‘There’s no place like home‘!  Ding dong the witch is dead so sparkle up your eyes and join the Emerald trail.

Confession time at £12,99 it wasn’t the only cheeky palette to fall into my basket I scooped up “Wanderlust“too I’m just a sucker for mixing it up with eye shadows and these come in such an easy to use hand-held palette WITH mirror….what’s not to love.  Blend shade even use wet-to-dry I doubt I’ll ever get through these in a lifetime.

Cargo palette 3

But suspect it won’t stop me squirreling away a few more…

Goregous bang on-trend colours take you from subtle day to smokin city girl night or any shade of Dorothy in between PERFECT for Halloween also! Buy now.

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