Benefit’s a Brow-mance made in heaven

How Brow-mantic the eyes have it with this Brow taming super brand ; a Brow-mance I’m sticking with.

Rating ; Brow archingly banging.  Super-brow, eye-wow, get them now.  Whether you’re into archingly-eye lifting bold brows, blended face framers or somewhere in between brow-grooming is a super-craze you can’t close your EYES to. Well groomed, super slick, go large or bang-out your inner werewolf.  Brow-parlours, brow-tips, brow taming is beauty’s go to can’t live without, come to think of it brow jokes & brow quotes are even trending hard right now also. 

Inside scoop; Brow-me-away its good; Benefits range of brow-loving super groomers is easy ,versatile, AND usually comes with a department store demo and a quirky Benefit-trademark chat with one of their Benefit-beauties.  I learned from the best so my love for Benefit’s brow-bar runs deep.  It’s the perfect start-to-advanced brow expert go to range.

Whether you’re a seasoned-sculptor, or venturing into your first timid pencil line, once you shape there’s no going back plucking is SO last season, threading (for me) just a bit MEH, I fly solo on my brows and like to primp, preen, shade and shape them daily for a face framing subtle look.

Benefit’s range is the Godmummy or Grandmother of Brow School and if you follow their easy to use guides on most of their products you won’t be a beauty school drop out either! You’ll have eye-maxing brows in a minute. Like most things, brow shaping is a personal thing, and DEFINITELY a practice thing, are you a severe woah check me out, or a subtle Miss Money Penny gently curved kitten look?  Start slow, build up, play with your brows they’re remarkable tool to make people wonder if you know – you’ve had ‘work’ done 😉 , nope just a quick slick of brow wax (oh yes brow wax lovin that).

Right now I’m using 2 or 3 of their brow range I like to shape, then pencil in, then shade, then gel brow set honestly not as complex as it sounds we’re talking a minute max once you’re in the groove.

And check out their handy brow-identification guide brow-lemas be gone you’ll be sorted, shopped and shaping in an instant.  They deliver or you’ll find them in most big High street Department Stores and even answer questions on-line.  Brow-me-away that’s good service.   Brow wax loving it, brow glitter step too far maybe.  But there is something for EVERYONE in this range. Pocket alert they’re not the cheapest but then who ever said you don’t get what you pay for.  I also kind of love their cute and real beauty philosophy; we all know beauty won’t change the world but it certainly makes the day a little brighter.

Upside ; Benefit’s brow range lasts, does what it says & comes with a lot of advice for brow-winners.  Highly recommend.

Tam’s tip :  google ‘eye brows gone wrong‘ for a little pre-starting self-help on how NOT to start out ; then get involved!  As with most things I’ve built my confidence up over time. That’s why I recommend Benefit for it’s not too scary a range, to start slow then build up and comes with ALOT of super simple easy to follow advice and trust me there really is a fine fine line on brows.  You need it not to either look like you’re wearing shaded brows OR you definitely are ; in between is a brow FAIL.


Send me your pics/let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you.

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THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question / tell me your experience with this product I’d love to hear your feedback.

Author: tamaraobrien1840

Technology Marketing Director by day, ex-beauty industry insider, creator of my own line of skincare & make-up, kept my passion for all things make-up, skincare, fragrance, hair are, body care. In fact anything which can help us all look or feel better and make the best of ourselves. Lots to share, I've made products, I know the good from the bad, I'm also an ex journalist so I hope my little blog might help others find their way through the beauty jungle, not waste too much money & discover some great new products. Thanks for reading & engaging with me.

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