BeautyOnTheSide ; a blog – a point of view – a review & trial site that ‘does what it says on the tin’.  OntheSide ; because that’s when I write it.

Me? Well I’m a full time single mum, full time working woman AND a full time passionate self-confessed BEAUTY ADDICT.  I confess I’m also 40 + (ok maybe more + than less +) so like many of us still in search of that beauty miracle.

Photographed by Will McGregor
Make up & good lighting helps us all…this was a pro shot I’m lucky if I look 50% of this on an average day #thatswhywelovebeautyproducts

By day I work in technology, in my free time I review/try/play/use and obsessively talk about beauty products. I test the latest and greatest (and the not so greatest) and hope to give busy women/girls/mums/grannys or guys of course, some insider views on what’s HOT, what’s NOT.

The important bit is No nonsense, no fluff, honest views and real life demos/tips.

WHAT MAKES ME QUALIFIED? Apart from a life long passion for all things make-up, fragrance and beauty / skin care – and probably owning the LARGEST set of jam-packed beauty cabinets.  I created and launched my own successful skincare and make-up range. http://www.healthspannurture.co.uk they’re fab products, still going strong.  So I know the industry inside and out, I have been to the factories, I know who makes what for who and how much it all really costs ; or doesn’t….

EXPECT quick tips, quick reviews and a little bit of guidance through the beauty jungle…

SHARE PLEASE if you like what you read , follow me with pleasure and remember whilst most of it is actually just ‘oil, water & marketing’ there’s nothing wrong with hope in a jar, we all need a little happiness & if a lip gloss delivers it, why not.


NOTE; views are entirely my own, I’m not paid or influenced by any manufacturer / company or organisation, or affiliated to any brand, I’m a registered freelance journalist & aim to express my own honest views based on real life experiences. 


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