Soulful Sunday ; distress or de-stress don’t be lavender blue…

Sad weekend is over, dreading Monday…don’t be Lavender Blue check out my top must buy must try today

Rating ; On a rainy Sunday, before kids go back to school, things can get a little MEH so here’s a product that will have you zen-like and labelling school uniform with a gentle smile in a heartbeat.  Don’t be Lavender Blue try a little Lavender oil.

Inside scoop ; if you’ve not discovered the wonder (ok actually near MIRACLE) benefits of lavender oil then check out this power-packed duo.  One sits in Vogue’s hall of Fame – ohhhhh – one sits in amazon’s top sellers. Both worth a try ; both do a similar job.  I discovered the ‘steal’ vs spree version when I realised how much I was using, so longer-term needed a little more cost-effective alternative….read on



Ok it’s the time of year we can all feel a little blue and sometimes it only takes one rainy Sunday to make you think ARGH Autumn/Fall is here, Summer is over, kids back to school, work goes mad with budget time and planning and all of a sudden STRESS SUNDAY and Miserable Mountain sits in front of you!  It piles up and feels like you’ll never get through all the jobs. Fear not if you’ve not already discovered the benefits of Lavender oil – blue be good – you’ll be mood-lifted in a minute.  Just check out my top tips and trust me…they work



The benefits of Lavender oil are REALLY well documented so I probably don’t need to bang on; chills you out, rub it in your scalp blisses you out, tap it on your temples calms you down.  Even writing this post and putting all the GORGEOUS images in has made me feel ahhhhh.

BUT it’s much more about WHICH you try and be warned not all Lavender is equal…there’s the good, the bad, the ugly and the euwww downright doesn’t even smell of lavender…so quality DOES count. I’ve discovered 2 really fab little bottles which pack a punch and I highly recommend;

  1. First is Marmiel’s Altitude oil which I’m told is MANY a model / world traveller’s teeny handbag secret and has lavender and more in it for a very unique scented chill out experience .

They say : It’s the handbag must-have for all – a naturally potent pick me up. Just a few deep breaths of this of lovingly created, sensory blend of luxurious plant oils throughout a busy day counteracts a multitude of modern day stresses.
Inhale when in need of a lift through long days at your desk in stale air con or when travelling on planes, buses and trains. Think of Altitude Oil as a do-it-all tonic to simultaneously soothe, revive and thrive when you’re rushed off your feet.
What makes it unique? Annee created Altitude Oil as her on the go companion. Beyond a quick-fix pep up, this efficacious inhalation oil works on multi-levels to soothe emotions and protect from energy sapping atmospheres.
For that frazzled-nerve feeling, there’s the delicate lull of herbal-sweet lavender, and the zingy freshness of Lemon Myrtle and Peppermint as a welcome lift. Powerful Pine and Eucalyptus are there to help clear a fuzzy head, and the woodsy earthiness of Patchouli brings a sense of grounding when rushing around. Alongside these, Fragonia, a floral tea tree oil from Western Australia lends a surprising delicacy and helps to keep the system boosted.

I say try it, my second is a VERY worky-the-same BUT cost-y-a-alot-lessy and I’ve tried both, it’s on amazon and is one of my top amazon-azing as a find.

Tam’s Tip; there are 2 ways I use it daily, firstly inhalation I actually carry mine around with me and pop a few drops on my wrists or temple whenever I need to ‘breath deep to banish the gathering gloom’! The second – and I imagine there’s some science here – is a dab a few drops  on the souls of my feet and rub my feet together gentle  every night before bed.  Why does it work – I’ll probably look up the science – but does it work – HECK YES I’m zen like and snoring before you can say whisk me to Provence and dunk me in a Lavender field…


Even writing this post has lifted my spirits just the thought of lavender fields makes me breathe deep, take a moment and feel just a little more ‘ahhhhhhhh’ so I highly recommend for any kind of Sunday you’re having, you dab a little on and make it just a little more chilled out. Or just look at the pics below and transport yourself to a more fragrant place.

Fancy getting even more zen like then try some of my other relaxing must-try products;

Heaven Scent : Burn Baby Burn! Bali Spa : to HOME spa at the flick of a match

Scrub-a-dub-dub; spend Sunday in the tub

Let me know what’s you think of this one & do leave me a comment.  

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THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question I’d love to hear your feedback.

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