Scrub-a-dub-dub; spend Sunday in the tub

Sunday beauty saviour in a flash ; scrub-a-dub-dub

Rating ; Scrubalicious sinfully-smoothing scrub.  Sunday is all about the chill, or the catching up with jobs or family, or whatever goes.  No matter what I’m up to though I also fit in a bath on a Sunday & a bit of extra beauty routine, so this skin-tingling scrub helps whip my skin into shape ready for the week ahead.

Inside scoop; Exfoilating.  WOW there’s a more than skin deep topic for a Sunday.  Ok let me make it easy for today to begin with, basically do it, fairly often, feel the results (face AND body).  Today’s scrub-a-luscious exfoliating skin saviour is a neat little find for the body from a range I discovered a year ago.  Happens also to include in the range heavenly oils, a rather effective stretch mark elixir and a fab orange scented dry bodyoil;…but that’s just like friends with benefits.  For me the main attraction is this unassuming tangy little scrub.  In a tube, NOT goopy and will whip off the week and a bit more, at the touch of a scrub.

Scrub upsides oh where to stop, glam glow skin, smooth away the dead bits, fake tan skin ready, etc.  Scrub downsides; depends on the brand they dry out quickly in tubs I find, flake off, feel oily, over harsh etc.  So don’t be stuck between a rock or a hard skin place; try this scrub-a-licious skin smoothing product.

Today’s top product strikes that perfect balance of stays on enough to scrub-in- (vs. Rub or SCRATCH-in) doesn’t immediately slide off doesn’t leave skin red. Oh yes please we say.


So the key to exfoliating, simple really just gently apply (no not dry skin, mildly damp is actually better) GENTLY rub you’re not removing a tattoo here! But exfoliating really is a must at least once a week to avoid desert dry parched skin and give you the perfect base for great skin that feels and looks good.


They say : well the Guardian in this case voted them in their top 6 organic new ranges, for me I think for its sheer ‘all roundness’ pushes the range into my hot fav top 2 at least.  Plus it has got a GORGEOUS baby range (that’s for another day).

Tam’s tip – Orico is a whole range well worth digging into the added bonus is its organic and Ecocert yet still feels/smells great unlike some organic ranges.  The exfoliator’s orangey yummy scent and not too harsh scrub particles from coconut are a start but every other product I’ve tried hasn’t disappointed either. The names suit me no-nonsense descriptive with a mild sense of humour ; rather like my blog! Oh and super news they don’t break the bank…ok best share Harvey nicks got them on sale at half price right now : but… I got my first beauty haul at TK MaXX EACH product less than £3 per one :)!!!

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