Behind the MASK ; to Mask or not to Mask?

Mask Off! To mask or not to mask discover the secrets to masking; brighter skin made easy.

Rating ; Peel & reveal to mask or not to mask : I say MASK. Basically that is mask-ing’s power for me; whips off the old and reveals the slightly-in-better shape not as tired looking skin.  But beware the media hype on ‘double masking‘ : well done beauty product makers, smart move, coin a term and voila let’s just sell more product!.  Today’s Hot Tip is just; mask, any mask really, but do mask n glow at least once a week if you can [ideally after a nifty exfoliate for extra mask-absorbing power].   

Inside scoop;  How revealing from a peeling! Ok so here’s the skinny…masking rocks, yup really works.  There’s good, there’s great there’s oh-so-gloopy. So I’ll start with masking 101 & my current fav mask – range of masks in fact.  Not double or triple-masking quite yet, let’s keep it simple for now! And for me doesn’t come more simple- yet effective than Body Shop’s latest a-z of masking made easy.  Name your problem they’ll mask-it.  


Yummy yummy I’ve got honey in my tummy – er no – well on my face actually.  My mid-week beauty tip is ‘to mask or not to mask‘ I say MASK. I’ve chosen a super-duo for a week on week off / start-end of week boost (or 2 in a night if you  really must) masking routine to reveal softer skin, brighter skin.  HONEY meets Charcoal (I actually use them the other way around].  Body shops new super slick masks seem to have a gorgeous textured mask for any skin SOS including pollution with their new green tea mask!

It seems SKIN SOS and Masks are eveywhhhheeeerre you can’t stumble on a beauty range without a mask being thrown into your goodie bag faster than you can say peel and reveal!  Masking is more of an art than a science, bottom line is it’s an additional beauty step in your regime (weekly ideally) worth adding.  It’s more about the ritual & the process so I tend to do it on Scrub-a-dub Sunday when I ready myself for the week, or mid-week when I know I’m not going out (or will have any surprise visitors AHHHH the mask-at-the-door look of doom; no thanks).    No one fancies this happening : [ah mask-moment]. 

Right now I’m loving the Body Shop’s charcoal mask for that slightly more familiar face tightening mask feel, you know the ouch don’t make me laugh or you’ll crack my mask face…it whips out impurities, let’s you gently exfoliate it off and leaves a satisfying slightly tingly-glowy fresh skin.  Then – same night, or when you next feel like it I slather on their oh so indulgent, not sticky, scummy smelling honey mask for a contrasting  soothing, skin-absorbing treat.  I leave this one on an hour (sometimes even overnight) then whip it off with a warm cloth.

Masking is deffo more of a girls night in or solo thing, than one to scare your bloke with, so definitely best fly-solo on this one ladies!

honey-face-maskPamper yourself

Tam’s tip : both masks glide on & they’re not TOO messy (but be prepared to wash out the sink the charcoal one does leave a little ‘residue’), give yourself 10-20 minutes  relaxing with them (longer if you fancy actually) for real benefits and then gently take them off with a warm cloth (read my erase-your-face review for the perfect gentle hot cloth ideal for mask night).  Job done, glowy-super-cleany-ready-for what’s next skin.

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THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question / tell me your experience with this product I’d love to hear your feedback.

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