Thirsty Thursday? ; Power-up your beauty routine tonight with my Top 5 T’s!

Thirsty Thursday calls ; don’t give in make tonight a pre-weekend beauty pamper night instead!

Rating ; Thirsty Thursday – that’s tip number 1 make Thursday a water-packed day to prepare you for the weekend ahead, albeit come Thursday I’m more than reaching for the wine!  So if like me you’ve been way under your 5 a day too, throw in some vitamins as well. Next up for me in my Top 5 tips is anything beginning with a T! 

Inside scoop ; Thursday is usually my Power-it-up for the weekend beauty night when I tend to Tan-Trim-Treat & Try.  Whatever I’m up to I like to go into the weekend having at least scrubbed off some of a usually stressful week.

So if you’ve a quiet night in tonight and Thursday isn’t the new Friday for you then throw on the laundry, turn the volume up on the music and power through some of these for a quick fix beauty makeover which will have you Fresh for Friday.

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  1. Tan : always like a bit of fake tan build up on a Thursday for a ‘oh no me working and frazzled all week surely not’ glow come Friday! Try my top product here :  Fake it ’til you make it
  2. Tame : Thursday is perfect for taming locks and is an ideal night to Ol-lal-laplex up – buy some this lunchtime if you haven’t tried it you could find you’ve got locks to look at come Friday! Ol-la-la-la-la-plex ; hair-raisingly good ; for hair today and NOT gone tomorrow
  3. Treat : mask or mini make over I like to do all my beauty ‘jobs’ on a Thursday try either of these super-masks for Fresh Faced Friday skinChocolate Tuesday; so good I covered myself in it Behind the MASK ; to Mask or not to Mask?
  4. Toes : I have to MAKE myself do these monthly at least, so if you’re doing all things T throw in a toe-job too.  Bung your mask on, slap on the fake tan, slick back the hair with Olaplex then, sit down relax and do a mini pedicure. I love this cheeky little range from Champney’s for a feet-first-fresh looking foot in a few steps. 

    Heel Saviour

5. Teeth – don’t underestimate the power of sparkling teeth to lift your look!  Failing which try a bright red lipstick which oddly makes teeth look at few shades whiter.  I’m working my new oral b in Rose gold right now, life changing smooth teeth, matches my iPhone too 🙂 pricey but sooo worth it, I’m a recent power toothbrush addict.   Why wouldn’t you match your iPhone to you toothbrush right???!

Tam’s Tip; if you’re slick you can knock out some of these Top 5 beauty ‘Top T’s’ in less than an hour; time well spent I say.  So if you’ve any time left could always add a few of these to your Must do checklist!!!  And why not….


Or the slightly more serious  :

To do list.jpg
Life’s too short for lots of these but hey an organised girl’s got to dream!


Let me know what’s you think of this one & do leave me a comment.  

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THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question I’d love to hear your feedback.

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