Magnif-eye me Monday ; Luxe-lashes made easy

Luxe lashes in an instant with my Celebrity-secret mascara find TRY THIS you’ll love it

Rating ; Eyes-wide-open – we all need Luxe-lashes, especially on a Monday when even after 3 coffees you’re still not feeling it and only match sticks will do!  So here’s a neat little speedy beauty insider secret product for you.  This one falls into the “more than a little-odd at first but once you try it you’ll literally wonder how you ever managed without it” camp. Another one of my secret-finds, for eye-mazing lashes in an instant. 

Inside scoop;  Lash-tastic eye-mazing value  this lash ‘treatment’ probably does need its YouTube video demo [see here] to help explain its true lash-loving benefits.  But in a nut shell it rolls like this : pop on a coat of your usual mascara, then quickly pop on a coat of these furry little fibres (stick with me here not as weird as it sounds), wait 30″ secs, pop on another coat of your usual mascara.  Result BOOM Lash-a-liscious long lashes without the false glue faff.

Magifibres official 4-step guide

I’d like to say I know how it works, or even why it works and maybe even it shouldn’t work, but I’m not entirely sure eye-cept to say give it a try!  Especially if like me you’ve literally gone through Mascara Mountain in your search for ‘the one’ (yet again back to the man analogy…sometimes you just know when you’ve met ‘the one’).   The fibres don’t clog, don’t tickle and oddly just extend for lovely long individually long lashes…really it does.

My eyes this morning using Magnifibres


Tam’s tip : I’ve MANY mascaras to recommend and will help you sort the eye-wateringly lash-loving from the super cloggy steer clears that just don’t do what they say on the tube.  As well as those you pay a fortune for and they dry up in a week, or clog the brush so badly you end up with clumps everywhere grrr! But for now, why not try these lash-loving mini feather fibres to help your current mascara reach new heights! 

P.s today I’ve teamed it with my other 2 recent eye-my-goodness top eye products;

  1. Supercats eye liner made easy :
  2. Shadow from :

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