Moroccanoil Monday ; No more frizz alert

Frizz-alert, Misty-Monday hair care dilemmas solved with this heavenly-scented super-serum.

Rating ; Hair-raisingly good well actually hair-smoothingly good to be precise.  I’m doubtful I’ll find a reader here who HASN’T heard of Moroccanoil’s magic charms?  But having just had my brother & his wife visit for the weekend I was reminded to write a quick post on it.  Why?  well as we wandered past a local hair salon out wafted that familiar & to me instantly recognisable scent.  My brother said “wow what’s the amazing smell“, I knew in an instant it was my fav hair-saviour!  

Inside scoop;  Frizz-be-gone  Ok so today here where I live; it’s a misty-mizzly grey day. You know the glorious kind that basically RUINS your oh-so-carefully-straightened hair in a heart beat the second you walk out the door in morning.  Taking you from Office-babe (well ok Office-acceptable-ish-just in my case) to arghhh quick immediately scrag back the hair it’s now going to have to be a ponytail day! Super-quick.

So my quick-fix is their handbag size cute and portable teeny travel Moroccan Oil serum. Ok, on checking the 13,600,000 google returns when you search for this heavenly-hair range, this may be old news to – er – everyone! But as it wasn’t to my brother & wife and they love an effective product like me, thought worth Top-Tipping it today on “Frizzy Monday” just in case. 

Frizz pic.jpgMoroccanoil_Treatment_Light_25ml_1485267997

I’m not sure exactly when Moroccanoil went from hair-zero to hero [the about us story is an interesting one], but I’m definitely a firm fan.  I don’t adore every single product in the range, I think you must pick and choose depending on your hair type & given it’s success the range is growing FAST so I’ve yet to try alot of it.  For example the hairspray is a little TOO firm for me, and the volumising shampoo not foamy enough (I’m sooooo particular about my hair care) but for frizz-tastic-taming & shine-on locks the serum & shine spray are pretty much hair-heaven for me.


Tam’s tip : a little goes a LONG I mean LOOOOOOONG way so in fact the products (serum and spray) can last you 6 months plus.  So just like anything really remember less is more you can’t take it OFF you can add more ; so do start with a few drops, smooth through hair and see how you go, else you’ll go from frizz head to oil slick in super-quick time ; neither a good look trust me I’ve been there!

PREDICTION; just a note to self really but I guarantee sometime soon given how fast the range is growing & how fab their signature scent is ; that just like Aveda did with Shampure : they’ll launch their range’s scent as a stand alone…watch this space!

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THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question / tell me your experience with this product I’d love to hear your feedback.

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