Misty, manky, miserable, mizzly, mean Monday ; and that is just my HAIR today!

Banish bad hair days and misty manky Monday blues with this Monday hair-saviour!

Rating ; Does your hair have the Monday blues? Or is it just manky messy and miserable like mine?  Maybe not, but I confess I was NOT blessed with camera ready hair.  Actually it’s fair to say I was not really overly blessed in the hair department at all, so I rate this one HAIR-RAISINGLY fab.

Inside scoop;  Bumble & Bumble, I guess you’ve heard of them no doubt? But, tried this hidden in their range product, maybe not?  Whether your hair hates the weather : or the weather hates your hair ; this might be your go-to lucky locks fixer this Autumn.

Bad hair day hat

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Ok so the weather here is a little bit grim grey and dark, which oddly matches my mood today so perfectly!  However instead of a hat, as I was tempted to wear this morning ; why not try this super-booster.  It’s actually way MORE than a bad weather hair-fixer, it’s more a hair fixer full stop.  The picture is me, with it, AND professional styling… (sooooo wish I could have that everyday).  But for us mere mortals who’ve got to do it ourselves mostly then try this to help you on your way! 

They say ; full potential hair preserving booster spray

  • What: A highly potent and restorative Booster Spray that includes the Full Potential Hair Preserve Blend that helps hair look fuller and feel thicker
  • Why: -With hair preserve™ blend, it helps hair look fuller and feel thicker
    -Targets breakage by reinforcing hair -leaves hair feeling denser
  • Who: For anyone who wants fuller looking, stronger feeling hair – especially those with fine, thinning or breakage-prone locks.
  • When: Twice daily.
  • How: Spray onto wet or dry hair from roots to ends twice a day; comb through. Use as part of the Full Potential regimen.

Tam’s tip : I say, I have rubbish hair, end of, actually not end of : read RUB-BI-SH capitals all the way. So ANYTHING that I find which gives me well a less-bad vs. bad hair day works for me.  I’d like to say WHY it works but I’m honestly not sure.  I CAN tell you it doesn’t clog hair, doesn’t stick and just helps you well have a GOOD hair day.  Use with whatever shampoo etc you like & other finishing products, but spritz it on pre blowdry (that’s how I use it) and I just well look a bit less like a lion dragged backwards slowly through a bush full of brambles; OUCH!

So whilst I’ll never have celeb flickable fancy locks I do what I can for a step in the right direction for a better version of my hair ; worth a try, or is that because you’re worth it!!!

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Ol-la-la-la-la-plex ; hair-raisingly good ; for hair today and NOT gone tomorrow

and Moroccanoil Monday ; No more frizz alert

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THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question / tell me your experience with this product I’d love to hear your feedback.

Author: tamaraobrien1840

Technology Marketing Director by day, ex-beauty industry insider, creator of my own line of skincare & make-up, kept my passion for all things make-up, skincare, fragrance, hair are, body care. In fact anything which can help us all look or feel better and make the best of ourselves. Lots to share, I've made products, I know the good from the bad, I'm also an ex journalist so I hope my little blog might help others find their way through the beauty jungle, not waste too much money & discover some great new products. Thanks for reading & engaging with me.

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