Wicked Wednesday ; how Berry nice to meet you

Berry Berry nice ; I’m head over Autumn leaves in love with BERRY lips

RatingBerry Berry nice ; I’m head over Autumn Leaves in Love with almost ALL the new Berry lipstick shades popping up this season.  So today I’m pretty much recommending BERRY in particular and none exactly specifically!

Inside scoop ; You can’t say Plum Crumble (mmm) without turning a magazine to find the latest greatest Berry shade in fact I’ve spent a happy hour tonight just scrolling through the 100’s of reviews / swatches and deeply richly seriously indulgent plum, berry, red, nearly red, almost plum shades around this season.

So how to wear and choose…Read more

So what’s the scoop? Well I hope I don’t disappoint as today I’m not saying precisely WHICH Berry shade is for you ; or EVEN which brand cos hey I don’t know if you’re up for ” Come get me Vampire lips” or perhaps a little more up for a gentle Shades of grey “check me out honestly I’ve just gently bitten my lip” (in an annoyingly coy way!) lip stain blush look! I’m just saying it’s September, berries are everywhere, it’s maybe time for a new look.

What I can say is Berry does NOT shop by age, berry can be bold bad beautiful and blendable for all of us.  But it will take a little trial an error.  Heck if Mary BERRY wears it and clearly she even has the name we can all have a go.

So what’s BERRY KEY (!) is checking your skin tone and working out how you wear it best. .. AND it’s not just colour but texture too I know soooo confusing right.

Dark haired stunning models (like us all!) potentially suit well the dark dark blood shades, for mere mortals and non vampires amongst us it CAN be a little wayyyyyy too severe so I’d go Matte to begin with as a texture (avoids run lines) and a little lighter than the near-blacks, if it’s your first Berry shade. 

So for shade wear sometimes what’s best is go to the store – don’t be hard sold to (easier said than done) and play on your arm see what suits you – clever MUA’s (make up artists) and smart bloggers (unlike blog virgins like me!) I believe call it ‘swatching’ cool I call it trying lipstick on my arm to see if it suits me :).

Also buy a mag, the latest issues ALL have articles and pretty much EVERY fashion/brand  has launched a new range of berry stains plummy winey richly dark and daring shades and every mag is covering them.

Some cool round ups are below so shop around and enjoy trying :

Tam’s Tip; I haven’t YET picked mine so this really is a pre-shopping post which I’ll update. But I do have some ‘leanings’ and yearnings. Sure VB’s latest is oh so covetable….so is Tom Ford’s there is something about yummy scrummy about a berry shade in oh so luxe gold packaging that says buy me, even if you don’t wear me.  But maybe start with a High Street steal first see if it’s for you with Rimmel’s new stain.

Also Team berry lips with LOTS of gold – be it EYES or EARRINGS or clothes it’s the yummiest September look that just goes.  Oh ok thrown in some Rose gold too good to go! Final tip lip liner ALWAYS (match shade) with plum else you’ll have nasty leaky almost REAL vampire lips…remember that one.

Frantic? Flirty? Feisty? Frivolous? Or just plain Fabulous Friday ; the cuffs are off for ROSE GOLD

Glam-glowgetter strobe-on: how illuminating!

Going for Gold ; all that glitters IS worth it

Friday Feathery Fabulous

Bright eyes ; Spree vs Steal, Luxe vs High street : Eyes-down for the results

Let me know what’s you think of this one & do leave me a comment.  

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THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question I’d love to hear your feedback.

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