It’s T time – Treat Try Tummy Tea TODAY!

It’s 5 T time : that stands for TREAT TRY TUMMY TEA TODAY!

Rating ; Tuesday = T-Time that stands for T for Treat Try tummy Tea; ok not STRICTLY a beauty product BUT I always feel if you look after the inside then the outside looks a bit better and certainly you FEEL better. So Tuesday’s Top TREAT is TEA. Herbal of course, high quality bien sur, beautifully designed but of course…

Inside scoop ; They say beauty is skin deep I say dig deeper TEA could just be the cure for all Tuesday ills and more.  And it doesn’t come more tasty tempting and tea-like than the quirky range from T2.  Discovered – well ok lured into – their store in Oxford Street I find myself T-eed up and ready to rave about T2.


I was recently on holiday in Austria and got so addicted to the herbal teas at breakfast that I had to squirrel away a couple of bags each morning to drink later, I couldn’t find the same brand anywhere but came across T2 and this Tea-tingling-tastic tea store this is a tea emporium you’ll WANT to tea-up a visit to soon.  They ALWAYS give you a sample, their staff are super friendly and give advice and I guarantee you WILL leave with a lot more than you went in for…including their stunning china ware and real tea pots….I could rave on I’ll drink on instead. They do online also.

Did you know according to Twinings as I saw on BBC news today now I think nearly 29% of teas sold are Herbal – woah that’s a lot of loose leaf goodness swirling around.

Check out the UK Tea Society for more interesting facts!

So if you’re not already a convert, I’m surprised, but you will be soon if you dare to stray into T2’s Wonderland of tasty teas. I pretty much use herbal teas for everything during the day or night ok hmm;

  • Can’t sleep – try chamomile
  •  Indigestion – try mint & tummy tea
  • Stressed out – try fennel or Aruyvedic  blends
  • Circulation issues – go turmeric or liquorice


I have sooo many but the reason for T-night’s post (!) is T2 and to recommend them as a positive emporium of leafy goodness.

They say ;   About one of my favourite Tummy Tea; A little something yummy for your tummy! Here’s a wonderful minty after-dinner treat with a sumptuously smooth and sweet aftertaste that’ll linger well into the evening.  Enjoy with: Perfect on its own. Store in a cool, dry place.

Tam’s Tip ; I like to drink this one shortly after supper in the evening it just kind of does what it says on the tin soothes, helps digestion and sorts my TUMMY out with TEA. Helps me sleep better and helps calm me down inside out. Brew up chill out…enjoy.

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Let me know what’s you think of this one & do leave me a comment.  

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THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question I’d love to hear your feedback.

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