Think local : buy local TAKE 2 Feathery Fabulous

Looks good : Feels good : Manic Monday blues cured with this Feathery find…buy local think local

Rating ; Its Monday, yes Manic Monday and yes Monday blues for many at times, so here’s a piece to cheer you up, no not a beauty product or a handbag or a poncho (yes STILL loving my poncho) but eye-candy for sure.  Well maybe wall candy…to be precise

Inside scoop ; I like to buy local and source local where I can, sure I buy lots online too and elsewhere, but if I can get something I love and adore locally then I will and this feathery fantastic find definitely counts.



I came across this stunning piece via a group called Genuine Jersey which supports/promotes and helps local artisans / businesses and other very clever people grow and share their work.  Be it fudge makers (oh I do love a bit of salted caramel fudge right!), to glass blowers to this lovely little company ; The White Shell Company.


I found them via Facebook on a day where I needed well a little lift…and there it was called ‘Born of Feathers’  THE most beautiful handmade piece of ‘wall candy’ with a conscience.  Made of Jersey driftwood and found feathers sourced locally, for me it just says live well : sleep well.

So I splurged as an early from us to us present for my daughter and me.

You know when you find something that just, makes you smile and feel good, well this is it for me.  Safely installed today by my Dad in my bedroom (thanks Grumps) I feel sure I’ll fly high on its wings tonight as I drift off to sleep and heck who couldn’t use a little fairy dust to help them sleep these days.

So if you’re looking for a cheeky gift that’s definitely ‘’ and/or an early bank one as ‘TICK DONE’ Xmas present for someone, take a peek at their Facebook page. Or website 

Annoyingly for my bank balance I’ve got my eye on this piece next!!

Next on my Wish List for Xmas!

Tam’s tip ; I think they probably do commissions also so I bet if you had something particular in mind they’d be able to do it, this one just called to me and said come fly with me hang me in your bedroom….so I did 🙂

I guess if you’re into Feathers like me you could always buy earrings to match like below, or if relaxation’s more your thing try my top T tips and Candles a gogo for mucho de-stressing I need it!   See below for my top Zen Monday posts I reckon a cup of tummy tea, a candle, some kiss the Moon oil and gazing at this pic SURELY A GUARANTEED GNS : Good Night’s Sleep ; 

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Soulful Sunday ; distress or de-stress don’t be lavender blue…

It’s T time – Treat Try Tummy Tea TODAY!

Please let me know what you think of this one & do leave me a comment.  Do you have any great and unique online finds to share?  Let me know. 

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THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question I’d love to hear your feedback.

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