Looks Good : DOES Good ; do something special this weekend

Looks good : Does good thats my kind of Saturday shopping check out this beautiful well named ‘Fortitude’ bracelet in aid of Breast Cancer awareness.

Rating ; I love Rose Gold, I love jewellery, I love bracelets, I love sparkly things and I love good causes ; so what’s not to love about a BRACELET that combines ALL of that into one dinky on trend, stylish little number!

Inside scoop ; If you love what I love, then why not do something special this weekend and get yourself – your mum – your friend one of these gorgeous new Stella & Dot bracelets.  I’m told / assured 100% of the sale price net profits go to Breast Cancer awareness.


The idea of shopping for a cause and doing good whilst I look good, is a no brainer for me. So I was more than a bit excited to see Stella and Dot’s 2017 bracelet launched under their ‘shop for a cause’ banner what other kind of shopping should we do (well unless it’s also the from me to me kind, I do do some of that too!).  It’s called ‘Fortitude’ which is the perfect name.

This is their main page (this one doesn’t yet appear as it launches October 🙂 : http://www.stelladot.co.uk/shop/en_gb/featured-shops/stelladot-foundation-shop

Looks Good : Does good : GO GO GO Giles

So for a Saturday splurge, It doesn’t get more guilt-free than that for me and you’re supporting a worldwide cause that touches so many women and still needs to raise much needed awareness and funds.  I’ve had a few of gorg Stella & Dot ‘shop for a cause’ pieces which are stylish and giving something.

I am getting mine from a good friend who is a CI agent for Stella & Dot, she said :

Say ‘hello’ to our 2017 Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Bracelet, the Fortitude Bracelet 😍this is available in October, is just £18, with the full net profits going to Breast Cancer Awareness. I know this will sell out quickly – if you would love to add to my pre order list please comment below, xoxo

(Made with semi-precious hematite beads & beautifully packaged this would make a fab gift).

(Made with semi-precious hematite beads & beautifully packaged this would make a fab gift).

I say GO Girls and good on Stella & Dot (if you don’t know about the brand yet it is a fantastic online brand find, I get my S&D goodies from a rather clever lady in Jersey who sells it online), but you can get it direct too I believe.  Erm and ONLY £18 huh that’s just TOO little buy a few!

Order direct from her :

kathryn@bybeautifulthings.com As it launches October so she’s taking pre-orders now & they’re selling fast.


Tam’s Tip; layer up the bracelet and rose gold it can take it, so if you like above buy a few and dangle your bangles, I’m not known for subtle, so every chance I’d be teaming also with rose gold feather earrings (see last week’s Friday Fab Find below) AND a rose necklace and all sorts of other goodies too.  Including my hot current lipstick & maybe my new poncho too!  Layer it up buttercup and DO something great today.

p.s Don’t tell my Mum I just bought her one also!

[p.p.s talking of doing good I’m off on a 5km walk for wildlife tomorrow raising money, hmm think I deserve my champagne tonight]

Friday Feathery Fabulous

Sumptuous, sultry, sizzling SMOKIN’ Saturday

Fall for Fall ; a lipstick for all seasons & “Season Lip Anxiety” sufferers!

Snuggle up butter cup ; transition wardrobe essential

Let me know what’s you think of this one & do leave me a comment.  

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THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question I’d love to hear your feedback.

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