Fall for Fall ; a lipstick for all seasons & “Season Lip Anxiety” sufferers!

Fall for Fall ; a lipstick for all seasons

RatingI take it all back I’m just not ready for BERRY yet in fact I’ll confess I’m “seasonally confused”.  I’m not quite ready to switch to full knitwear, I’m still in some t-shirts but I have put my heating on twice now (shh don’t tell).  So what to wear ; on your lips. 

Inside scoop ; If you’re suffering from Seasonal Lip Anxiety SLA : ok yes you got me I DID just make that up…can I recommend middle of the road.  In colour terms.  Don’t go full on Berry Bold : do park the pink & bin the beige : settle for ‘neutral’…DON’T skimp on the texture…




So what’s the scoop? Well for me if you’re not ready for Berry and so over pink, then why not settle for a middle ground that is anything BUT ordinary.  And for that Seasonal Lip Anxiety moment it doesn’t get much better than Tom Ford’s lipsticks – well Tom Ford’s anything TBH,  but for now my wallet says only the lipstick.  And my shade of choice – a perfect seasonally balanced MISBEHAVING shade… so me, but so suit all.



Tom Ford Misbehaved

TF does / they do millions of shades, all with equally cheeky names.  Let me digress for a second I can’t just wear ‘no 3’ or ‘pink’ I like my lippy to have a name, to offer me the promise of what will happen when I wear it.  I guess it’s part of that whole ritual of putting on your make-up. So sure, to be fair the NAME as much as the SHADE attracted me in this case and indeed I hope I do – Misbehave – when I wear it.

If ‘MISBEHAVED’ is out of stock or out of your comfort zone, then you could try the equally seasonally neutral ‘ Twist of Fate ‘ which ticks the name box as well!

twist of fate

They sayTom Ford, there isn’t an accessory more dramatic than a perfect lip. It is the focus of the face and holds the power to define a woman’s whole look.  Enriched with rare and exotic ingredients, including soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomile flower oil, it delivers luminous colour with incredibly smooth application.

Tam’s Tip; Okey dokes don’t over state ; it’s a LIPSTICK…so it will not change the world – sorry – but I do agree it’s not just ANY lipstick and sometimes only the best will do.    It DOES glide on, doesn’t bleed and is beautifully packaged so it also has the ‘reapply in public I’m proud of my lippy’ appeal too…sure not the cheapest so more a spree than steal but when you’re suffering from something as serious as Seasonal Lip Anxiety you need to splurge!  It’s a serious condition you know!


Team either of these with GOLD that is jewellery or eyes or both for THE Fall for Fall look that any ONE of any AGE can wear; indeed not the cheapest around but for me one of fabulousest (that’s a word right!!!?).


http://www.tomford.com/beauty/lips-nails/lips/ spend an hour looking around the site I say!

More season finds ;

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Let me know what’s you think of this one & do leave me a comment.  

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THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question I’d love to hear your feedback.

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