Terrific Tuesday a tale of East Meets West

Terrific Tuesday : a tale of East Meets West and Skin Science meets Natural goodness

Rating ; Yin-Yang tastic I’ve discovered an incredible new brand that somehow fuses the best of both worlds with Asian inspired natural goodness : together with cutting edge skin science.  All developed by someone who knows.  Ok down side? None I see yet!

Inside scoop;  Su-Man is a celebrity facialist inspired brand and so much more. I’ve been trialing some of their range recently and am loving their Asian-Fusion mix of skincare that works : plus natural ingredients.  I call it East meets West, you might just say it works…oh and its won a few awards too!

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For me nothing a beats a good down and dirty super scrub.  If you don’t exfoliate your face regularly you should, I’ve been doing it for YEARS and swear by it. I actually exfoliate daily on my face, weekly on my body ; accept that’s a little scrub a dub dub for many.  Although a few years ago I collaborated with TV icon Angela Rippon when I had my own range and interestingly it was one of the things we shared.  I remember her telling me she’s an exfoli-addict too.

Why?  Well it just takes stuff off : before you put it back on a bit like sanding down something before painting it (erm not like I’ve ever actually done that!) but you get the analogy it’s all about preparing the base.  Cleansing only really gets you so far and especially at this time of year you gotta scrub.  I LOVE that clean shiny sparkling clean skin feel you get after exfoliating.  Sure go gentle, if it’s not something you do regularly, but if like me you’re a hardened Pro (in the exfoliation sense that is) then rock on and double-foliate using Su-Man’s range.  

  1. For daily use : https://www.su-man.com/shop/refining-facial-polish/
  2. For every few days / week : https://www.su-man.com/shop/exfoliating-facial-polish/

Su-Man’s range is packed with East meets West skin loving products, I haven’t met her yet, but I’d like to.  These 2 for me represented the essence of their range, one super gentle for a light daily refining of skin all soft but effective, the other down n gritty packing more of a punch – literally – as it’s full of coffee (smells kinda cool too).

Experts say exfoliating has MANY benefits. Su-Man say it can ;

  • Instantly brightens dull-looking skin
  • Gently buffs away dead skin cells
  • Minimises the appearance of pores
  • Promotes firmer-looking, supple skin
  • Reinforces the skin’s natural protective barrier

And truth be told they’re NOT wrong!   It doesn’t leave skin dry like a desert or raw, it leaves it smooth like a pebble and ready for whatever oil / moisturizer you pop on top.


They also say : Su-Man Skincare is a unique and exquisitely innovated premium skincare system that harnesses the power of ancient Asian wisdom and cutting edge cosmetic science to purify, nourish, energise and reveal luxuriously rejuvenated skin that looks and feels reborn.

Award-winning, internationally acclaimed celebrity facialist, Su-Man, redefined the art of the facial and has now found a way to bottle her coveted skincare magic by pioneering a sublime range of products designed to deliver the professional spa-like experience of her signature Su-Man Skin Reborn Sculpting Facial™.

Each inventively crafted product marries the best of Eastern and Western skincare philosophies, providing the ideal balance of prevention and correction for the ultimate in skin health and radiance. Partnered with Su-Man’s easy application techniques to accelerate and amplify the formula benefits, her lightweight dewy emulsions promote skin that is instantly revitalised and enduringly youthful.

Tam’s tip : I say, I’m an exfolia-addict.  So I started with 2 of their exfoliators and oddly now addicted to BOTH for different reasons.  As I mentioned one ideal for every day use the other for a super dooper deep scrub you know when a wash just ISN’T enough.

This one is my fav does smell OF coffee but I kinda like that for its oddness! Think of it as Starbucks for your face 🙂 Exfoliating-Facial-Polish-Texture

Su-Man isn’t over packaged or over priced, it’s just gentle and effective and worth a try. Next up their dragon’s blood face cream, ok confess I’m super curious / slash slightly nervous about that one, not sure Harry Potter would approve!  But will let you know…and then maybe they’re Queen of the Night Candle yes please!

You might also like to mask after, for EXTRA special skin tonight and or throw in the body exfoliate also, if it’s a proper pamper night;

Behind the MASK ; to Mask or not to Mask?

Scrub-a-dub-dub; spend Sunday in the tub

And a bit of cleansing perhaps! Micellar what? Washing Wednesday get the low down on cleansing’s Summer must-try

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THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question / tell me your experience with this product I’d love to hear your feedback.

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