Age Less : For Less ; this WORKS alert Discover Luxe skincare : without the loot

Age less : For Less, check out this luxe treatment without the ££££’s that really works.

Rating ; age less for less; get more from this silky no nonsense cream which tackles age spots, fine lines, pigment patches from the sun and more in a flash.  Sure, sure, but how do I know it really works??

Inside scoop; Retinol heard of it?  If not : need to.  And the reason I know it that this particular product works is – I actually MADE it – about 10 years ago now before well, retinol became everyone’s go-to no nonsense anti-ageing treatment.  I formulated this range so I know I can trust this one. 

Get the low down on Vit A Vit C : Skincare’s hottest repair duo.  Much copied…many ineffective even the really expensive ones.  It’s all about the formulation.

Retinol isn’t for the part-time beauty addict or not-really-in-need of it yet ; why?  Because it ACTUALLY works.  It’s one of the least ‘hope in a jar’ products you could hope to find given it contains active ingredients which are actually proven to work.

Check out the Science here :

Or Vogue Magazine’s Rave Review ; about retinol’s use :).


Retinol has been around for years – as I say it’s over 10 years ago I, the team at Healthspan and a very smart consultant Dermatologist called Dr David Harris came up with this particular formulation.  And for me anything which has stood the test of a decade and is STILL on sale must be doing something right? Right?  So I felt I should share it soon on my new site and not keep it to myself.

The beauty world is a fad – fan – favourite & fickle world; one day’s HOT is another day’s NOT and I’m one of the world’s worst for skipping about.  But whenever my skin really needs a bit of a boost, end of summer, pre-winter, a mild ‘resurface’ and some real medi-skincare SOS : then I go back to my tried and tested (and clinically proven) faithful friend Retinol.  And it doesn’t get much better than this formula.

DO be aware not all Retinol’s are the same and it’s not for every skin type ; because it is potent but used wisely and following the instructions you really won’t be disappointed.

They say;  The Intensive Night Treatment Cream capitalises on your skin’s natural process of repair and renewal and provides targeted overnight treatment for the face and neck while you sleep. Three of the most effective ingredients for mature skin – pure retinol (vitamin A), vitamin C and hyaluronic acid – work to improve skin tone, wrinkles and age spots for a brighter, more youthful-looking appearance when you wake. Why choose the Intensive Night Repair Treatment Cream? Unlike other brands which use weaker, less effective forms of retinol, the Intensive Night Treatment Cream uses pure retinol, to give you better, faster results, visibly improving age spots, skin tone and wrinkles after just 4 weeks’ use. The ingredients get to work whilst you sleep, triggering regeneration deep inside skin cells and working to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Thanks to patented technology, this night cream releases its active ingredients gradually in order to reduce the risk of irritation.

Tam’s tip; don’t be fooled by the simple packaging and the not very gorgeous tube this one doesn’t need fancy pumps, gold leaf or any other fluff to make it more appealing, it just works, down right well, fairly swiftly and for me leaves me with a skin boost I can’t buy at 5 x the ££££££’s.

Read the label, use it properly and you could well indeed be looking at 10 years younger! I say DON’T over think this one!  Just grab some and try IT DO READ THE LABEL  I know I’ve said that twice and do use sun cream with it because it works…either of the foundations below have a decent SPF in them also;

Flawless Friday; Beauty & the Base Part 2

Ace the base ; Beauty & the Base

Buy anti-ageing

Let me know what you think of this one & do leave me a comment.  Sorry about the long post today retinol’s a bit of a passion subject of mine!! Fluffy scented candle post up next tomorrow, got to mix it up!   BOTH equally important!

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THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question I’d love to hear your feedback.

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