Cider with Rosie ; erm nope Lipstick from Rosie…!

High CHIC on the High STREET Rosie glow

Rating; Rose tinted spectacles actually rose tinted beauty alert!

Inside scoop;  Ok I don’t especially do Celebrity-endorsed products (not sure why but they mildly aggravate me) : nor do I especially do High Street beauty products (not snobby just sometimes quality fails) but today PARK the prejudice PICK the beauty.

Rosie Rosie where for art though : at M&S ?!?! Yup M&S OMRosie-ness ok I’m all in…

Image result for rosie for autograph makeupImage result for rose tinted beauty spectacles


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We all know I love a bit of bling and I love a bit of beauty…I also LOVE a bit of of Rose Gold – so somebody hold me back how about BEAUTY BLING ROSE GOLD all combined…in a High Street Beauty range…annonoyingly fabulous!


The new well I think it’s new range by Rosie (well ok by one of her people featuring her) for M&S is nothing short of make-up magic.  I AM a magpie I confess and I DO buy alot of products:  but you know when you kind of try something and then use it use it use it well that’s this range.  She is stunning sure but thats not why I buy it in a ‘take a pic to the hairdresser and make me look like Jennifer Aniston way‘ (yup we’ve all done it!).  But in a ok fine celeb endorsed but woah actually good price, good quality, nice packaging bang on trend products…

Image result for rosie for autograph makeup

Started with ROSE LACE lippy & DOLLY BABY {i know sucker for a lippy name} texture matt to glam, staying power awesome, price low : lookylike her mate VB’s far more elegant cousin…trust me been literally wearing these DAILY for 3 weeks and half gone!


They sayRosie for Autograph Introducing the first cosmetics collection from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – easy-to-use modern make-up classics with her supermodel-approved beauty credentials . The exclusive Rosie for Autograph make up range has been developed in collaboration with Rosie Huntington Whiteley. Combining Rosie’s make up tips and secrets with high quality ingredients, this range is developed to deliver amazing results. Inspired by Rosie’s career as a model, actress and her love of vintage, at the heart of this exclusive beauty collection lies Rosie’s natural, glamorous look.

I say : try the range’s it HIGH CHIC on the HIGH STREET highly recommend as a weekend Beauty steal, buy online delivery anywhere.

Image result for rosie for autograph logo

The translucent finishing powder is INCREDIBLE too ! Post coming on this little wonder pot of sparkly highlighting anti-ageing ness! :

Image result for rosie for autograph finishing powder

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THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question / tell me your experience with this product or others, I’d love to hear your feedback.

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