Heaven Scent : Burn Baby Burn! Bali Spa : to HOME spa at the flick of a match

Burn baby burn heaven scent from a world of neroli mimosa and pretty much any lovelyiness you can imagine

Rating ; Heaven Scent is a de-stress candle from Neom, perfect to accompany My Top 5 T’s earlier 🙂 light her up and stress be gone.   Your home will go from Bali Spa to Home spa at the flick of a match. 

Inside scoop ; NEOM start end finish there. Think it must stand for Nice Energising Ohmygoodness Marvels ; well possibly not. Or yes if you are quite as in love with them as a brand as I am. Heaven-scent, easily-sent mail order, or in most if not ALL beauty emporiums, there’s is nothing this brand doesn’t do, including wonders for my Karma….ohmmmm



Many have copied, many will fail, Neom is a brand that whilst it’s grown it hasn’t changed, you know like a long term relationship some things well just fade…not Neom she burns on bright for me and keeps getting better. 

My Mum bought me their whole de-stress range for my birthday, erm think she’s trying to tell me something!  But now they’re always forever top of my LUXE LIST

Heaven scent pampering stress relief


That’s fine by me Mum.  In fact more please.  Because even if you aren’t stressed just spraying a little of this power packed zennnny-spa spray around before you pamper up, just somehow adds to the experience.  Whack on some chill tunes and before you know it you’ve got your own home spa sanctuary.

Be warned it’s Luxe Luxe Deluxe all the way here so ALERT entering their stores or online store could very well leave you more than a little lighter in the pocket. Pandora’s Box doesn’t even begin to describe the fragrant treasures lurking within…

Twin with my Thursday T’s for the perfect pre-weekend spa night IN. 

Thirsty Thursday? ; Power-up your beauty routine tonight with my Top 5 T’s!

They say : Our 100% natural Neom Real Luxury™ fragrance is part of our therapeutic Scent To Instantly De-Stress™ range. With 24 purest possible essential oils including lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood, it has been expertly blended to help reduce stress levels.

Tam’s Tip; like other things I’ve reviewed sometimes I’m afraid only the best will do and for me when it comes to Home fragrance and especially home scent and EVEN more so natural home scent, you need LUXE LUXE and natural all the way.  So don’t scrimp on the candles….Neom is my go-to for a clean burn that shines bright.

Let me know what’s you think of this one & do leave me a comment.  

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