Go under the influence; with oils AND jewels… aroma-goodness

Aroma-bling…check out the new bling-tastic way to look AND feel good…

Rating; Love jewellery, into aromatherapy, need a post-weekend chill : Aroma-Jewellery ; who knew?!?

Inside scoop;  Ok bit of a no brainier for me here, love jewellery, believe in and use aromatherapy, so now : how terrible I : can combine them BOTH for a bliss-like chill that looks great too!


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So I’ve been away for a week or so and prior busy at work, so not been writing so much but I’ve been drafting and saving up a few good ones so do watch this space!  Especially worth Christmas coming LOTS for goodies & inside tips to share.

I discovered this bracelet a while ago and did a quiet trial just to see what the quality was like and then having today come back to it to do a post I see they’re EVERYWHERE now, so I guess for once I’m mildly on trend!

You may see them pop on via ads on your facebook feed but beware not all aroma-jewellery is made equal and cheap imitation WILL break once oil is added.

So what’s the skinny well in it’s basic form it’s a pretty way to wear and use essential oils close to your skin, but combined with Jewellery ; ok so whats the catch – none I can see.  Pretty pretty pretty useful useful useful. Rinse n repeat ; pretty useful, useful and pretty….etc~!



I stumbled on this cute site ‘aroma London’ and you know how I love to buy and recommend British,  so check out this little online seller for a VAST array of what I like to call ‘aroma-bling’ ! Maybe it’ll catch on, for sure I’m usually seen wearing at LEAST one or more of their bracelets, but having been offline a few weeks ekkk arom-a-no necklaces and tasseled necklaces too ; eek could be an expensive from me to me to me (to me again) pre-xmas treat.  As if I’ve not spent enough last week whilst away.

One of my favs is this little beauty really NOT that expensive when you think it’s jewellery, beauty AND Funcitonal well being in one ; ok possibly a bit of an oversell that but do check them out. A little calming lavender oil (link below) dabbed onto the lava beads and you’re a-ok-chill-tastic, looking fab and ZEN like all day.  Switch it up a gear with uplifting bergamot oil for evening or just blend your own.



They say :AromaLove London is aromatherapy jewellery with a difference. Dedicated to supporting health and wellness through the use of essential oils, each piece is a fashion statement unto itself – each unique design created to inspire confidence and accent your personal style while diffusing your favourite scent softly through each day.

Each diffuser necklace is made from surgical grade stainless steel and is 100% nickel free. Our unique one-piece design uses no glues or adhesives that can degrade or corrode, guaranteed to retain its integrity for as long as you own it or your money back.

Enjoy The Many Benefits of Essential Oils – Anytime, Anywhere

Essential oils have been used for centuries in healing practice. Made from the concentrated extracts of medicinal plants, flowers and herbs, many have healing and healthful properties that go well beyond their heady scents. Though essential oils can be dangerous when used undiluted on the skin, most of their benefits can be enjoyed by diffusion or direct inhalation at full strength. Until recently, essential oils would need to be heated and diffused at home, at the spa or in the office of an aromatherapy practitioner. Diffuser jewellery now makes it possible to get all the benefits of essential oils on the go, safely: at work, at play, or wherever you have the need.

Feeling good radiates from within. The natural confidence you exude has a positive impact on everything in your life, from your personal relationships to your career aspirations and emotional wellbeing in general. With the help of essential oils and a stylistic touch, AromaLove London will be with you, every step of the way.

I say : yup pretty much agree agree with them!  Add to that the range is SO on trend match it with the feather and tassel earrings I reviewed and you’ll be the chic-est most chilled girl around.  High street chic, super chill.


P.s Mum if you’re reading this ANY of them above for Xmas please ;))))!!

Also try with;

Wistful Wednesday; or is that mid-week mindful? Zen-out the easy way

Sumptuous, sultry, sizzling SMOKIN’ Saturday

Soulful Sunday ; distress or de-stress don’t be lavender blue…

Oil-my-Goodness ; Lottery Winner alert

THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question / tell me your experience with this product or others, I’d love to hear your feedback.

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