Oil-my-Goodness ; Lottery Winner alert

Rating ; Oil-alarmingly addictive – I shouldn’t, I couldn’t justify the £££’s (well the $$$’s) but I did….saw these on a beauty-insider industry bulletin I get, was lured in by their divine packaging and oil-so-good range. Lottery alert; because they’re not cheap. No apologies alert; as worth every penny. These super natural, super supple oils for face body and wellness do all they say and rather alot more.

Inside scoop;  Oil-be-back.  This divine delicious range of natural oils have got me, hook line and oil-slick.  Perfect for face, body, even hair and eyes (who knew about eye oil!). But especially their wellness oils.  NOT cheap as I say and oh-so Beverly Hills-chic, but if you can afford a splurge, have a birthday coming up, trust me you’re worth it. Heaven-scent & packed full of naturals there’s an oil for every occasion. I bought the well-ness duo & the face oil minis kit.  If you haven’t yet heard of UMA Oils you soon will (they supply MANY big name brands I’ve heard) but only recently went out to the ‘great and good’ like us.

Wellness duoI'll be backfaceoiltrialkit

I’ve been using face oils for years now, even during the day under make-up, today’s textures are so light even for the most sensitive skin, they’re a beauty staple worth adding to your routine and are absorbed in an instant.

Wellness oils for on-the-go stress relief are also another must-have these days in a world of beauty-bombardment, sometimes it’s the simple things that make life a little bit nicer. One drop of these wellness oils (wrist/pulse points) is enough to calm the most troubled frazzled mind for busy mums, busy ladies, or anyone wanting a scented-lift day or night. So many uses I feel sure I’ll do another post on these & I do use some great value options also.

Discover Uma’s range of face body wellness oils.

Tam’s tip : choose any of their face oils (or body), pop 2-3 drops into the palm of your hand and gently blow on it to warm it up.  Sounds odd I know, but helps the oils activate, releases their goodness and makes them go a little further. Gently rub palms together and massage into face/scalp/body or wherever you need it. I also pop a drop on my daughter’s temples each night, before bed, with a kiss, for a goodnight’s sleep.  Read their story here : rooted in Ayurveda and holistic medicine I guarantee you’ll love them too.  Oil-be-back!


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Author: tamaraobrien1840

Technology Marketing Director by day, ex-beauty industry insider, creator of my own line of skincare & make-up, kept my passion for all things make-up, skincare, fragrance, hair are, body care. In fact anything which can help us all look or feel better and make the best of ourselves. Lots to share, I've made products, I know the good from the bad, I'm also an ex journalist so I hope my little blog might help others find their way through the beauty jungle, not waste too much money & discover some great new products. Thanks for reading & engaging with me.

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