Prime-Time? Waste of Time? No Time?

Ace the base take 2 with a Flawless Friday Foundation Find ; or FFFF this one’s good!

Rating ; Primer ; so is it Prime Time, just a Waste of Time, or you’ve No time?  For me I honestly thought yup Primer-schmimer it was either Waste, or No time…life’s too short for A.N.O. Beauty step, with me? But…

Inside scoop; Along came New CID Cosmetics – must find out what they stand for – at first I read their name as New KID Cosmetics (kind of like that thought).  But anyway there it was, a little bit like carpet without any underlay, strawberries without cream, meat without veg, cake without icing (!) suddenly foundation WITHOUT Primer was just, well a bit less good!

‘IPrime’ is like many of their products kinda simple, kinda no-nonsense and just cracks on with its job.  It’s not over packaged, it’s not over-stuffed with ingredients : quite important if you’ve already got on moisturiser / serum. It just adds a little layer of ‘hold on foundation I’ll help you stick-ness’ to your daily make up.  It doesn’t smell of much – doesn’t need to.  It just cracks on with its role in your routine bit like some  ‘foundation SOS’ing’.

Check out some of Marie Claire’s Prime-time-Primers also :

For me it’s ESPECIALLY useful on a hot day like today when my foundation can ‘pool’ or get clogged half way through the day as I’m whizzing about.  Pop some on and I think you’ll soon find Priming is Prime Time and deserves a PRIME spot in your beauty cupboard.Clinique_Beyond_Perfecting_2_in_1_Foundation_and_Concealer_30ml_1_1423214297They sayi-prime is the makeup artists secret weapon for flawless foundation application! This silky, lightweight blend of vitamins, advanced collagen boosting ATP molecule and cosmetic polymers can be worn alone or under foundation to increase longevity of base products and smooth the appearance of skin. Oil free and suitable for all skin types. 

Tam’s tip; I say along with a great foundation it just BIGS UP what the foundation does.  Flawless skin just got flawlesser (love a new made up word!!).  You might not end up using it EVERY day or evening-out, but when you need a fail safe stay on / big up / glow up foundation fix then try it.  DON’T over rub it in and DO put your foundation on seconds afterwards, that’s the key : they like to get to know each other fast; that’s how the magic happens!

Try EITHER of my latest ACE-Bases I’ve reviewed to mix it with, but whatever you do once you Prime – trust me you’ll make the time…they are popping up EVERYWHERE which usually tells me they must work.


Let me know what’s you think of this one & do leave me a comment.

Beauty and the base foundation 1 Clinique :

Ace the base Take 2 image skincare :


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