Friday Feathery Fabulous

Fine, Feathery, Fabulous ; Friday finery ; check out these gorgeous earrings from cute niche US brand Shiver&Duke

Rating ; Feathery-fantastic-feeling-fine-for-Friday ok NOT strictly a beauty product but a beautifying FIND and a bit of Friday fun so I thought it counted.  Especially as earrings can make as much of a difference in lifting your look as a new lipstick, so I had to share these flirty-feathers.

Inside scoop; Shiver-me-timbers it’s Shiver & DukeShiver and Who I hear you say??? Well, I just discovered this cute little brand in a cool boutique where I live which have begun stocking it.  They called to me – loud – from their window.  I resisted, for about an hour, then rushed back and scooped them up.

What are they – straight up, unashamed ear candy of course.  This gorgeous range of feathery earrings are literally feather light meaning statement-heavy but NOT heavy-on-the ear. I wear them for day, most might possibly save them for night.


Shiver and Duke – until I do more research – seems to be a cool little boutique brand which has popped up.  Quality is GOOD, prices NOT mad and for a Friday tickle-me-with a feather new look I highly recommend.  Please make me not buy EVERY colour. 

I’m told feathers are on-trend, well with this range of mouth-watering colours for every outfit, they must be.  I only wanted one pair, really I did, but oh lordy think I’ll be heading back for more…so much more.  Oh and BTW they do pom-pom earrings, fan earrings and so much more.

For a Friday nearly wine-time sneaky browse head online or if you’re lucky enough to be near where I live pop to the ‘Escape boutique Guernsey ‘ today for a pair ; if I’ve not scooped them all up before you !!!



Here’s my pair today had to be the black & golds

Tam’s tip :  feather-light not feather-weight these earrings will lift your mood and your face almost as good as strobing illuminators (see blog ;)!) .  The shimmering gold feathers somehow create a gentle glow on your face, don’t ask me how, buy buy buy!

Send me your pics/let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you.

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THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question / tell me your experience with this product I’d love to hear your feedback.

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