Snuggle up butter cup ; transition wardrobe essential

Furr-mazing check out this seasonal transition wardrobe essential

Rating; Furr-mazing well Faux fur to be precise, coupled with a little Mexican wave…if you’ve not yet discovered Poncho Power, read on for Autumn’s perfect warm to cold to cover-up essential.

Inside scoop; Cold – hot – warm – not – rain – sun – cloud and everything in between Fall is soooo fickle. And so is my wardrobe; too soon for Winter boots? Too sunny for black tights, too warm for winter coats, too cool for thin macs aghhhhhhh…whether it’s work wear, home wear, or out-wear I find Autumn Awful ; at times.  Well until I went all Mexican…

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Black poncho

Poncho’s a little bit Meh, a little bit done? Actually no and my Autumn must have, wear everywhere, has actually become a little mini collection of Poncho’s.  Black ones with fur yum (fake fur of course!), mole coloured ones with wool, cream ones with tassels….they’re everywhere for a reason! And I’m building my collection nicely.  I bought this one earlier this week and already worn it twice!

Why Ponchos...? Well they’re versatile, stylish and a lot less pricey than a full blown coat, wondering why I never wore them before ah yes my longstanding fear of this look….which I think is a very reasonable phobia…



But faster than you can say Tequila, fear not the Poncho has SO had a make over. Cover up, cover all, swish swing and wear with style, there’s no occasion a Poncho doesn’t actually serve a useful fashion purpose. Walking to work not ready for a winter coat, pop on a poncho wrap, evening out still in sleeveless dresses throw on a throw.


And thankfully the Poncho has gone all International and VERY stylish from High Street to High Chic you’ll find them in all of this A/W’s major collections.  Be it the blanket style tasseled throw wrap otherwise know to me as a wrap-let ; mix of a wrap and a blanket : through to my preferred more tradition hole for head, arms out, version.

Tam’s Tip : Ok more watch outs and Poncho fears….than tips I’m serious…

  • Head hole must NOT be too small smudges make up on way in, chokes neck arhhh and ruins hair for day, so NO ; try on first!
  • Arm holes a must and once on wear handbag on shoulder, on top as don’t then trap you VERY important : plua can’t wear bag under else look like camel with 3 humps…not a good look.
  • I got my latest little beauty from my local department store not at all expensive but looks it and I confess I look a bit happier wearing mine than the models seem to!!! And do shop around as most high street stores have them

For an evening out do team with either of my recent ear candy recommendations;

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Send me your pics/let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you.

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THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question / tell me your experience with this product I’d love to hear your feedback.

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