Going for Gold ; all that glitters IS worth it

Goldfinger ; oh gold skincare cheeky but effective tick from me!

Rating ; More on today’s Gold-fingers theme. At FIRST I thought REALLY…REALLY 24k gold infused skincare uhhuh whatever possibly a little gimmicky…erm but then I thought need now want gold on my skin…so I toyed with it. 

Inside scoop ; All that glitters IS gold alot of me didn’t especially want to love this especially as I wondered why I kept being drawn to it’s sparkly little gold bits but….

Like my Rose Gold steal bracelet earlier this one is also a bit of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…

Bio Essence

This little trio of gold packed products I’m trying, somehow does just make your skin feel well…rather lovely. I applied it a little tentatively, thought really can my skin feel that smooth and it did!


Confession time they look pretty cool on my bathroom shelf too and I kind of giggle every time I use them don’t ask me why I suppose I come over a little gold finger James Bond styley as I hum to myself and apply it.  So it feels not only like really cool skincare that’s more than a little mysterious, but also like a naughty treat. I accept possible that is just me but who DOESN’T have a fantasy to bathe in bath of champagne…




Tam’s Tip; I confess I’m only one day into trying this little trio of Bio-Gold water (think of it as serum) and then day cream then the ‘miracle finisher’ so I’ve yet to heavily dig and pan for gold in terms of the ingredients…I think it’s antioxidant packed I think it’s vitamin rich ; will confirm; I will say it’s Friday night, I’ve just been out for dinner and I got lots of compliments on how glowing my skin looked…not a lot not to love here!  So worth a try not expensive, does have fab skin feel and that for me is KEY.


Team it up with my gold jewellery for a truly shimmering weekend! And heck light a candle too to really get you in the mood!  I’ll report back on any of its other magical properties next week ; there are ALOT of articles on the internet about the power of gold infused skincare and I’m beginning to believe in it…

Frantic? Flirty? Feisty? Frivolous? Or just plain Fabulous Friday ; the cuffs are off for ROSE GOLD

Friday Feathery Fabulous

Heaven Scent : Burn Baby Burn! Bali Spa : to HOME spa at the flick of a match

Let me know what’s you think of this one & do leave me a comment.  

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THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question I’d love to hear your feedback.

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