If life gives you lemons ; suck away I say! Why? Well they’re great for the skin! And more

If life gives you lemons…don’t make lemonade … turn them in a beauty therapy which packs a punch!

Rating; luscious, lovely, like-able, lively, live-longer, LEMONS ; who knew the humble LEMON had so many beauty uses & health benefits…I didn’t until now.

Inside scoop;  2 rather gorgeous kind ladies who I’d be utterly lost without (you know who you are….Kerry and Alex!) bought me a lemon tree as a present for my birthday and as a cheer me up from them and my team, having not been well. So at first I thought err ok erm thanks (and inside my head EEK EEK EEK how the hell am I going to keep THIS alive : see Facebook fake cactus post, I digress!).  BUT then I read the letter it came with :




And I was less Sour and more Lemon POWER…and pursued my lemon growing dream…with a little help.

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My gorgeous Granny (Mum’s Mum) used to have a face she did that looked like she was ‘sucking a wasp’ (and I still remember it now).  However I think maybe she knew something I didn’t and perhaps she was actually sucking a lemon…as it turns out lemons have SO many beauty uses I never knew about.  WHO KNEW…get on the lemon train now I say.

So not only was this a fab and thoughtful gift ; it’s a gift that keeps on giving AND one that makes me look better ; clearly the missing part is how the heck you keep a Lemon tree alive…to be fair that’s where you need a Garden Angel like my mum…so I take no credit for the harvest on this stunning tree some 6 months on; but we WILL put the ‘fruits of her labour’ (lol) to good use. Thanks to my beautiful MUM! [who I reckon doesn’t need much lemon therapy].

So the WWW will tell you MANY things about use of lemons, beyond them being rather fab in a G&T [equally health giving at times].

If you google uses of Lemon in beauty that’s maybe your best bet as you will need to PEEL away the myth from the fact and decide yourself what your top uses are ; I DO recommend the Women’s Health article here as one of the more sensible ones around.

But also here are a few of my favourites;

They heal acne and remove blackheads. …
They lighten dark spots and blemishes. …
They whiten teeth. …
They get rid of oily skin. …
They brighten your hair color. …
They strengthen nails. …
They calm dry scalp and remedy dandruff. …
They soothe chapped lips.

The LIP tip was the one I really tried and thought huh this works.  Drinking lemon water of course is a pretty good cleanse/ detox (albeit I don’t really ‘do’ de-toxes).

This is also a good article ;


So if Saturday night out has left you a little ‘Sour on Sunday’ look no further than a little lemon therapy to lift your mood can HIGHLY recommend it for a natural beauty lift.  Failing which throw it in your lunchtime G&T for a zingy pick me up.

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THOUGHTS? do leave a comment / thought / ask a question / tell me your experience with this product or others, I’d love to hear your feedback.

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