Mama knows best : take if off ALL of it off

Rating ; CLEAN : SQUEAKY CLEAN change your life cleansing cloths ; 4 for £10 lasts forever

Inside scoop; your Mum always said take your make-up off at night, did you listen? Maybe : maybe not ; but trust me whether you cleanse’n’tone, cleanse’n’polish or just splash & dash, these super soft cloths take it ALL off fast and gently.

Cleansing is everywhere these days oil-to-cream, cream-to-oil, micellar water, cleaning milk, balm, cream, foam, oil to foam; milk to cream to oil ; it all pretty much aims to do the same thing ; GET IT OFF ; why?  So you can start again the next day!  Well there’s more to it than that, but key is clean face for a great base I say.  These cloths changed it all for me, fast, super-soft, re-usable (forever), whatever your cleansing weapon of choice these just make it better.  Pop them in the washing machine after a day or so, voila, good to go again. Oh and Mum’s top tip; give the kids a super quick once over whilst you’re at it; boom family done.

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Eyes a go-go : with Cargo

Rating ; DAY TO TONIGHT GLAMOUR AT A STROKE ; at less than £10 Yup I said only £10 buy 2 keep one at work!

Inside scoop; found this in TK Maxx couldn’t believe the price, fine powders, last all day NO creasing, blend / change / shade / contour / highlight ; that;s less than a penny a look.

IMG_0003Stonking value ‘Martini’ eye palette ; literally anytime-anyplace-anywhere there’s colour to suit. Cracking names too I’m addicted to Highway & ok Luggage on after a long day ; it’s like beauty flash balm for eyes.


Goregous bang on-trend colours take you from subtle day to smokin city girl night. Buy now.

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Desk-top saviour

Thursday’s Rescue: [comfort zone] Tranquility Blend

Rating ; Dinky-trial-size stress saviour ; DTSSS!

Inside scoop ; Perfect desk-top superhero this blend of aromatic & essential oils is ideal for a desk-top pick me up.  One dab on pulse points and you’ll be CEO-meeting ready.

Part of the new Tranquility range, well worth the price.

Desk top saviour
Yummy aromatic oils Dinky size Stress-relief-on-the-go

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Perfect for a quick peek at what’s hot, what’s not :> from a beauty insider who knows. So whether you’re looking for a quick fix, a new look, a lunchtime pay-day splurge or just some inspiration & the real truth please explore.

Me? Well I’m a full time working, single mum, with a passion for beauty skincare & all things fragrant [ who created her own brand a while back now just enjoy others ], so if you want to know the REAL beauty scoop – look no further. My reviews are short, sometimes brutal, always real and NEVER paid for ; I try – I write – I tell you…you decide


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