Fragrant Friday ; Scent-sational

Rating ; Jo Malone Schmo-Malone  – Ok that’s not fair I’m actually a massive fan have been for years, but it’s not really her any more is it ; spoiler alert. Still am sure I’ll probably be reaching for a trial of the new English Oak and Hazlenut ; like seriously who comes up with these blend names. I’m personally looking forward to Parmesan and Port fragrance! Sorry JO I love you really I do and have been a loyal trooper for years but my heart’s just not in it anymore, I DO like ‘real Jo’ as I like to call Jo Loves her latest range; but that’s a story for another day.

So maybe I should be clear I’m just a massive fragrance fan full stop. As my hair dresser says who comes to my house ‘everything just smells so nice Tam, I mean everything‘ (no not in a too cool for school, I’m wealthy & have a home hairdresser way (!); more in a she’s so lovely and so fab I can work whilst she does my hair in the evening as a single mum kind of way!!). I digress.

Inside scoop; Scent-sational & Des-lices-ious.  So Friday’s splurge tactic post is a 2-4-1 £££’s alert review – I definitely don’t always go top of the range as you see. BUT when it comes to perfume and your own scent, nothing really beats a true off the beaten path slightly original find & sadly they do cost.    I’ve 2 today oh how I love them both scent-sational and unique doesn’t begin to describe. I think they’ve been lurking in Selfridges beauty hall for a while now but actually I stumbled across them in Austria in a teeny little beauty shop in San Candido. So I was eeeek with the £ to Euro rate I got, but still bought both…Shh…thankfully I don’t have a husband for you to kindly not tell!

Ortigia start with the leopardpackaging :  end on the scent. Little more to say, Heaven-scent from opening to spraying. ALL their range is unique, mildly addictive and memorable.  They say : THE ESSENCE OF SICILIAN ORANGES. A DISTILLATE OF ORANGE FLOWERS, WITH A BASE OF NEROLI, PETITGRAIN AND WOOD. Mmmm-mmmm


85294_va2fpa_floral_bouquet_240 (1)14526105.jpgOrtigia


Next Place des Lice the clue is in the name it’s ddddddeeeee-lices-ious! They look like they’ve been around for yonks as the cute retro-packaging makes you feel all Versailles on a Summer day . Look more closely and ah established in 1999 so really vintage, not, but trust me ‘floral bouquet’ kind of nothing like it says on the tin. I’m so not a heavy floral fragrance girl I err on the mysterious a little more, I like dark sexy musky sandal woody (well a single girl has to make herself known right).  They describe it as : featuring jasmin, neroli, mimosa, broom, clover, sandalwood vanilla and amber phew + 5 more, but it just works.

So today’s Friday splurge…is these 2 heaven-scent brands. A complete scent tactic duo of never walk alone into a room agains one for day one for night but WHATEVER you do remember as with all beauty products, candles, clothes and men for that matter ,don’t forget about them, use them, don’t save them for a special occasion WEAR THEM life is too short for cheap scent. I’ll come onto candles in another post soon I have THE best candle  brand to share burn baby Burn and this one is a CHEAPY watch this space

Tam’s tip :(haven’t we read them all re how to make your perfume last) mine is a little simpler and more honest – wear it – lots of it!  These are gorgeous and I’m having none of this oh so subtle & trendy ;  spray it in front of you and walk through it gently all Coco Chanel styley for a subtle waft of fragrance : cute but frankly just not enough hangs on; spray it with pride.

Ps ok, maybe  I do have a top New Look and Body Shop scent-steal coming soon…watch this space and happy weekend.

Discover Ortigia

Discover Place Des Lices



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