Play Mist-y for me ; spray that again?

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Rating ; Mist-y-fy me; face mists.…for many but the true beauty addict, kind of falls into the huh, never heard of it, don’t need it, didn’t know I needed it; argh thanks for that now can’t live without it camp.

Inside scoop; Beauty Mists / Make-up fixing mists? Spray that again? Really. Come on, a mist on your face, another step in your routine, another thing to carry GRR.  But hold the press a sec, yup sorry this one’s a winner and my new found handbag essential.   Possibly been lurking in many celebs large Mulberry hold-alls forever.  But re-born this Summer with lots of botanical goodies & now a must-have.  Today’s choice of the hot but oh so cool mists for me is Clarins Beauty-fix mist ; plain english, plenty of water, some scrummy extras, no mist-yque!

Clarins Mist          moisture

BUT WHY you say why ANOTHER product, ok stay with me a sec…so you’re onto your 3rd 4th or heck who is counting any more Costa of the day, definitely your 80th email and probably your 6th meeting.  Phone at the ready, you’re off to the next, an important one with the boss, quick look in the mirror and BOOM there it is, staring right back at you –  your day is written all over your face and not in a great way.  Slightly tired (make it very by 3pm in my case) slightly dry, slightly smudged, slightly frazzled, slightly let’s say rumpled.

Ok well spritz-on; here is a desk-side, road-side, pool-side even bride-side fix a gogo. Spritz/spray/mist however you like it a few squirts of this will have you fresh in an instant.

They say : A light and refreshing mist that sets makeup and gives longer-lasting hold. Enriched with aloe vera and allantoin, it instantly moisturises and soothes the skin. It’s invigorating grapefruit extract and organic rose water scent provide a continuous sense of well-being. A simple spray for long-lasting makeup.

Tam’s tip – I say it’s light, refreshing, feels great and DOESN’T make your make-up run, doesn’t unsettle anything, doesn’t look wet just somehow gives you that “Hey sure I’ve just quickly popped home completely re-done my make-up and voila here I am, so what’s the question?” look!   Also NO need to scrunch your face up like a monkey when you apply: it’s light and doesn’t shock you or wet you!  My mum AND daughter both still do ‘the look’ if I spritz their face until they realise it’s light and lovely.  NOT a beauty essential, but definitely worth the indulgence and should the sun ever return pop yours in the fridge for an extra chill-tastic almost-like-a face-lift-ift (bit more likely to cause below though; ouch!).

My daughter’s face after a spritz!

Clarins Beauty Fix it Mist

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